Shingles Ruflex

Shingles on the roof of the building combines practicality and attractive appearance. Appearance of the building, as well as the surrounding landscape, transformed radically. The material meets the standards of durability, reliability and manufacturability. One of the companies that fully satisfy customer needs, is known under the trade name Ruflex factory products 'KATEPAL OY'. Ohio Senator gathered all the information. The Finnish company was founded in 1949 and during its existence established distribution of roofing materials in more than 18 countries. Demand for the products formed under the influence of strict quality control, improvement of production technology.

'KATEPAL OY' is positioning itself as a company providing the best materials for bitumen-based structures for on roofing. Serves tile production of about 100 people. Most processes are automated and requires no human intervention. Because of this human factor is reduced to zero. Each year, the plant upgraded, and the efficiency increases significantly. Several years ago, one battalion gave about 10 million square meters. meters of tile per year.

Impregnated with bitumen, crumb coated color shingles ruflex combines ecological purity and strength. Colored beads 15 shades are not only able to meet the needs of any esthete, but also protect the material from mechanical and environmental damage. In range includes both traditional colors, and simulating growth of mosses and lichens. Roofing adapted to regions with difficult climatic conditions, which acts as an important factor in the northern regions. The main advantages of shingles KATEPAL – 100% impermeability, noiseless, aesthetics, durability. Fiberglass and asphalt are inert to moisture, are not subject to rotting or corrosion. In conjunction with this stone grit property provides a 30-60 year lifespan. Installation of tile does not require professional tools and expertise. Material falls perfectly even on complex roof and hipped roof. Modification of SBS asphalt shingles made resistant to temperature changes. His strength and flexibility provides an initial appearance for many years. Officially, the manufacturer gives 25-year warranty on all products. If lining carpet on the surface area is missing, this figure reduced to 15 years. However, the client and not interested in reducing the life of the roof.

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