Social Criminalisation And Political Crime

Social criminalization and Young political crime the Gallegos With the economic crisis, the landscape of the drought in the prey and the field, and basic, the year the 2012 of the Mayan prophecy and presidential electoral process sprout again-the bounce of influenza more human than pig, the war antinarcotics detective have been transformed into a televised saga, in the Red Mexico of the Red Note, by means of-a-annexation that comes to us with the fear, the fear and the horror, almost in the horror of an Apocalypse Now, to the Mexican, although still need. While and in as much or meanwhile, we are being sensitized very mediatically to understand that all social movement of protest is perhaps a terrorism act, that the attacks and crimes related to people who are against the policies of the government of the Republic, are crimes executed by sicarios of the drug trafficking. Something insinuated with the execution of Colosio in Hills Bullfighting with the solitary revolver Taurus of Aburto, because perhaps the narcotics detective, and nonSaline of Gortari. Speaking candidly novelist told us the story. A The Lopez Obrador, did not assassinate it they fraudearon but it electoral, and from before the fraud, they disqualified with the one of the Tropical Mesas and the Messianism to the Chvez in its aspirations of competing leader to all official and institutional leadership of the Mexican political system. The salinistas crimes against militant PRD members, the Water massacres Blancas and Acteal, the repression in Atenco and Oaxaca as social criminalization and the political crime has been a constant in the last four presidential presidential terms of the PRI members and the panistas, without descontextualizar them of the rise of the EZLN, in 1994. The political dissidence and divergences in a state of things with the desmadrado state of things in the Mexican State, have been described and stigmatised like rebellious , subversive , dangerous, and, terrorist, is of the simple protest to the complex multitude of protests, stretching itself or being contained in always the social censure that the means of information and communication judge and they apply of partial way and until totalitarian, using the mediatic invisibilizacin.

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