Syrian Fire

Who is deceived thinks that Egypt will go to become a democracy. This does not exist in no Islamic country, the severity not even in the Lebanon, a country that if became divided and violent after the civil war, where a external military service, the Hezbollah, with support of the Syrian and the Anger, has great parliamentary representation. To have democracy in a country, it is necessary that it has ample freedom of opinion and respect to the ethnic differences, social and religious. The islamismo does not nail the dialogue, but the confrontation. Not accepted the religious freedom of worship, however tries to impose its creed, eliminating the not-believers. Test of this is the emigration forced of about 25.000 Egyptian Jews after the war of 1956 against Israel, when the confiscated goods had had all, and the constant attacks to the Christians coptas, that they have its store and its churches set on fire constantly.

Tests of the Islamic intolerncia are the existing separatistas movements in the Chechnia, the Kosovo, Sudan, Kashmir. The Muslen do not aculturam themselves, however always they look for to impose its culture to the force in the countries to where they emigrate. By any reason, they make you raise in France, where already they add 10 million people more than, with incitation to the clutter promoted for sheiks in the mosques, setting on fire building and cars, even so they have ample net of social support in that country, mainly education and health. Cospem in the plate where they eat. They will not go to sossegar until the day where they obtain to transform the Europe into the Eurbia, therefore they do not have distrust of carrying plates, in its walks, with saying &#039 to them; ' one day, the entire world will be islmico' ' in the countries that they had received them, as Great-Britain, Germany, Belgium and France, mainly.


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