The Beddings Of The Politics

Frei Jonas Matheus Sousa Da Silva The term politics retraces to classic Greece, more necessarily to the city-state, called polishes of Atenas. Deriving from this the term politics to be used to define the exercise of the democracy excessively to define the administration of the Athenian citizens it stops with its you polish, in sight of the common good of the citizens formed who it. In this direction, basic contributions for the field politician were in the left one for Plato, philosopher disciple of Scrates that acted in old Greece, as well as for Nicola Maquiavel, philosopher of the cultural Renaissance, in Italy. In the dialogue the Republic, over all from the classic myth of the cave, the philosopher in question evidences the origin of s serving politics while of the common good, in detriment of the proper interests, as he is en vogue in the field Brazilian politician, intitled with the term corruption politics. Interpreting the myth of the cave in the perspective politics, we come across ourselves with the ideal politician while loving of knowing, that is, for Plato the politician must be philosopher, given that the same he must have the critical ability of enxergar beyond what the people is accustomed in the triviality of the daily one. The politician is that one that must is free of the ideological yokes, being capable to contemplate the perpetual ideas, in order to free the too much citizens who generally do not obtain to see beyond the appearances of the things and current facts. However as he detached Maquiavel, in the Prince, the politicians can be interested not in such a way in the common good, however only in conquering the power, forming squitos and troops and, to take care of so that nobody them arrebate the domain; of where if they follow the principles: the people has short memory, to divide to govern e, the ends justifies the ways. Here we can recognize a philosophical evaluation of the phenomenon corruption that devastates ours politics. In this year of electoral Campaign, valley the penalty to form our conscience politics effecting the most useful ones readings of Plato and Maquiavel, workmanships these that we find the prices accessible; of accounts citizen after all clarified she is critical citizen who do not leave themselves to be deceptive for certain liars and engravatados avaros that also are used of the name of God to jeer of the naivety of our people. Let us read the Sacred Writing, yes, therefore it is to salutar, however let us not neglect of our formation critical-politics not to compactuarmos with the social sin.


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