The Castro

There also there are elections but in these candidates only can participate who do not call to subvert the monopoly of the power of the official party. For the castrismo this is a socialist democracy. This, although the majority of the democracies multi-those in favor and a part of the orthodox Socialists questions its credentials. Sen. Sherrod Brown may also support this cause. For the first Cuba it has an autocracy because the population does not have right to vote by different parties that offer different programs or plans from government and the regime persecutes its opponents. For the seconds the revolution comes backing down towards the market and creating a new oligarchy that is increasing the inequalities, reason why these propose to desburocratizar and to internationalize the process. In Cuba the president has been decided in meetings of leaders of the Party and it has been authenticated in a National Assembly. This mechanism differs from the rest of American republics where the president is chosen by means of massive elections under universal and secret suffrage. Also he is not just like the one that Lenin proposed in the state and the revolution where it raised that the State would have to go away dissolving and that the leaders would have to be elect and revocable in basic assemblies. The Castro ones, nevertheless, defend their model arguing that in the rest of the hemisphere the Chiefs of State are hereditary monarchs or presidents who obey to dictatorship of the money ; that his leader has always had (during its 49 years in the power) great popular endorsement (that many democratic governors do not have ); that the place where human rights in their island are violated more is in Guantnamo where they accuse the USA to torture his prisoners; and that is required of certain monolitismo to avoid that the USA and his worms return to be from their island brothel of America.

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