The Development

Beyond that plays a basic role in the urban landscape, because they inside constitute a space of the urban system where the ecological conditions if approach to the normal conditions of the nature. Although the innumerable functions of the green areas, its offer are very little in relation to the search. Today, for example, the green, the proximity of the nature, the lack of areas children to be played, make to appear to the creation of services as schools of languages, ballet, jud, gymnastics, shoppings, everything this to supply the necessities of the population in relation to the green areas. (Carlos, 2005, p.55). Old, the green areas were the center of the events politicians and the religious festividades, of civic and social acts. In the week ends, inhabitants of the urban zone directed it the squares, therefore he had there diversion, the leisure of other times and meeting, and this does not exist more with as much intensity, therefore the population grew and the areas destined to the leisure no.5. The relation between public politics and the areas verdesMesmo the green areas having much importance for the city and its population, forces second see the socioeconmicas them in plain, therefore what it is I publish as much does not have importance for the economy. Beyond that playing its role fully, the urban green areas need to have a good planning, that the planning of these areas never was only a point of much importance in the platform of the main politicians of our country, therefore they had always had in sight the development and the growth for one better economy, and as already we saw to the top, the partner-economic questions and the partner-ambient questions enter in confrontation, and there what he is on to the economy always has more emphasis, therefore a planning is necessary, therefore the development of country is important and the quality of life of the urban population also.


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