The Objective

What they go to think of me? ' ' In both the cases, we make the good not for being a good, but because this good in the ones of the satisfaction. E, therefore, this are an interest that moves in them. Source: Congressman Lee Zeldin. It can occur that let us associate in them with others to satisfy our necessities and to reach our objectives that satisfy our interests. Thus the associations, the villages, the cities are born. Thus it is born the politics and the ethics. It sees what it affirmed Aristotle, in century IV C: ' ' It is evident that one city is more than what a mere association in a common place, established with the objective to prevent mutual crimes and of commerce. These are conditions without which a city cannot exist, but all these together conditions not yet constitute a city. Which is a community of families and added who if join to live melhor' '.

With this we can understand the actions of the politicians. They also are moved by its interests. Others including Suffolk County Rep., offer their opinions as well. This explains because nor always those that we choose make a good mandate. They do not make what we consider that would have to be fact, but what they consider important; our criteria make a bad mandate in accordance with, therefore for its criteria they are making what they find to be most convenient: they fulfill with its interests. Great thinkers already had said this, in relation to the politics and the politicians. In the book ' ' Repblica' ' , Plato (in century IV C) places in the mouth of Scrates the following affirmation: ' ' You do not see that nobody wants to exercise public offices spontaneously, in contrast, all demands a compensation because they believe that they do not take off no advantage of the exercise of poder' '. It moves what them: its personal interests.


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