The Policies

Applicable it would be to follow the word democracy of some other than it gave a outside apt sense him new and different that to describe the specific situation of the society which it is dominated as in this case our country. Before, a democratic system did not exist real therefore it is of assuming and the facts speak by themselves, for example, the elections gained by forceful majority and nobody could complain, the opposition parties, by all means, did not take place some, the positions different from the one from president of the republic negotiated and therefore to have good treatments with people era of extreme importance. Throughout century XX the authoritarianism existed which was accepted of unanimous way, unanimous since nobody complained officially, they did perhaps it in his social surroundings but until there, and this because in spite of to displease to many or few, apparently worked of wonderful way, was until this century when people now yes, I conduct battle so that what it did not seem to him it changed and it went when Mexico began to take another course being begun to so modify the ones in charge of the power using called and yearned for democracy, nevertheless to conceive a democracy as so in Mexico it is not possible, throwing a look to the theory we can be given account that so that it exists must have certain and diverse guarantees as much in the political order as social within the constitution and not only to have them in paper so that tuna is seen, but being carried out and being respected, the guarantees to that I do reference is: – Freedom of association and organization – Freedom of expression and thought – Straight to vote – Straight to compete – alternative Sources of intelligence – Possibility of being chosen – free and correct Elections – Institutions in charge to depend the policies on the government of the vote and of other expressions on difference. .


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