The Soil

Do not make jokes in public. If they have to say a few words to an audience sees them evasive and nervous. Change speed when they walk in front of people who can observe them. They give the impression of wanting to look good with everyone, they can hardly refuse anything they asked. Amazon contributes greatly to this topic. They appear to be somewhat subdued.

They were anxious to see eye contact with others. In such cases look away or down immediately. Particularly striking is the rigid position taken on the phone, how their voice trembles slightly sweaty them hands. Sometimes when you are talking say several times that they leave but could not manage to do so. They suffer when they have to interact with the opposite sex. They may blush and start to sweat adopting bizarre behavior. The same thing happens when you have job interviews or are supervised.

When dealing with people, writing or eating in front of the others were self-conscious note, stiff as if something bothered them. They talk little and hardly communicate their feelings. They appear to be remarkably reserved and serious and proud and unsociable. They have the appearance of suffering when they are in social situations. If they have to speak in public, they sweat profusely, have an annoying dry mouth which prevents them from pronouncing certain words, blush and shake their hands or voice. They tend to bear without irritation mistreatment of others, they see lazy to demand their rights. They often have cold hands and wet. Gait also reveals his shyness. They do it with your back slightly curved, short and slow steps or Instead, they look too far into the soil and their movements are somewhat rigid. It may be that in an attempt to show the breast self-confidence seems too tall. Just look to the sides. Sometimes it can be seen in them, as they spoke, a strange mismatch between what they say with their words and gestures and expressions that accompany them, if any. The way they dress is another detail that leaves them exposed. They tend to wear very discreet and conservative. Their hairstyles are also classics hardly daring to break away from the conventional. They wear little clothing and little makeup in the case of women. They are very fond of fashion. At certain times react as if they did not understand well the situation. They look bewildered. They come to show wounded by irrelevant behaviors of others. If at any time agree to take control over something, or directing any activity, are shown too demanding and authoritarian. But that is nothing but an attempt to divert attention from its lack of security. It is easy to see that all these difficulties are impossible to hide for long. Unfortunately, it is difficult to convince some shy people to desist from such efforts. They do not realize that this attempt is part of his shyness. As a vicious circle, the more work by pretending they are not more deepens their insecurity. The first step to truly overcome shyness is thus recognized. Stop being ashamed of it. It's amazing the improvement experienced by introverts to follow this simple advice. By removing the burden of having to pretend to be others, feel very relieved. With that win a lot of self-confidence and end sooner rather than later, leaving behind their personal limitations. If you suffer from shyness now download the following book.


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