The Spanish Socialist Workers Party

The diversity of thought that people have, has led to the creation of many trends, theories and world views, which affects many aspects of life of people, including one of the most important is the political field as well with the different views are created political parties, each of which develops its own ideology with the idea of defending and promoting its purposes. With this in mind, we can say that political parties play an important role in all countries of the world, enabling the development of diversity of thought. One of the political parties that can be highlighted in the world is the Spanish Socialist Workers Party, which represents a major political forces in Spain, if not the largest, and the only political party that is at the same level is the Spanish Popular Party. Such is the importance of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party is currently the governing party.

The birth of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party was on 2 May of the year 1879 – remains one of the oldest working-class parties of Europe, which was underground, due to certain conditions which had at that time. Add to your understanding with Sen. Sherrod Brown. The place where this incident was happened in the city of Madrid, driven by a circle of intellectuals and workers who sought to protect this class and get better terms in the development of its work, all this came about as a result of the event expression of the industrial revolution. The Spanish Socialist Party since the beginning has sought to rally the industrial working class of Spain in Marxist ideology, thus promoting the improvement of conditions in labor activities, but the road must have passed this match was not easy, despite that was addressed to the vast majority of the Spanish population, thus beginning the party was not seeking acceptance, therefore its implementation was very uneven, as only had a presence in Madrid, Asturias and the Basque country, while in Catalonia did not have much presence, something very bad for their development because there was a major industrial centers of Spain. Despite the above, the party continued its development and never faltered before the various adverse situations that have arisen over time and thus always developing its work with the idea of protection to the working class and the implementation of ideals of socialism, knowing the necessary changes as strategies to the various changes in different historical moments that have occurred over time, but such changes have always had the endorsement and democratic participation of all members of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party. The strength and struggle of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party over the years, have now allowed the party to be present in the Spanish government, an achievement that has held since the period 2004-2008 and has been reaffirmed with a second victory in which he won the record number of votes in a general election with 11,282,210 votes.. Filed under: Sander Taylor Force.


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