The State

But what will come after a legitimate (in quotes or not) the victory Yushchenko? 1. The ongoing violent Ukrainization culture, education and society. 2. The absence of realizable and implement national strategies for economic development. 3. The weakening and destruction of the army.

4. Further growth of foreign debt. 5. Degradation of science and education. Must be soberly aware that yes, voting for Yushchenko, Ukraine voted for it all, but maintains itself as a sovereign and integral power, to five years to get a second chance, and choose a new leader of the state, capable of solving complex problems the system development. I believe that this is Ukraine and vote at this time, in 2010, the year. This means that over the next five years to grow a new leader of the state. Who can play the role of this historically important figure for Ukraine? 1.

Tihipko. It a possible candidate for the presidential election of 2015. He has no chance of winning in 2010. However, his team must make an effort to ensure that the 2010 election, he gained a significant number of votes. From my point of view, implemented their campaign today will not lead to this goal. Tigipko has an image of a banker who wanted to rule the country. But he can not demonstrate any sensible approach to solving the problem government. He then takes in particular, in the evidence. One gets the impression that Tigipko all the time so busy that he does not even have five minutes to quietly think about what, why and by what methods he is doing.

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