Valadares Governor

Economic cycles and the consolidation of the territory of Governor Valadares Snia Queiroz Maria de Oliveira Carlos Alberto Days SUMMARY the Territory of Valadares Governor is fruit of a conditional multifrmica occupation the factors of mythical, economic and physicist-territorial order. The present study it has as objective to lead a reflection on the sprouting, transformations and consolidation of this territory. The bibliographical revision and the documentary study had been the used methods. The legal historical base of creation of the territory was instituted in result of the installation of 06 (six) military divisions to contain the lendria ferocity of the botocudos, endorsed for the Regal Letter of 1808, imperial legislative act. This had as liberal and strategical intention to contain clandestine explorations in relation to the production of ores and precious rocks, and, to hinder the route of escape and not the payment it treasury department. The first urban activities if had developed in the edges of the River Candy, where if it points out the quarter today Are Tarcisio. The process of industrialization of Valadares Governor is initiated with the creation of the plant of bathes and soap located in the called Street of Low, current Brazil Avenue. In the decade of 1940 the economic development is alavancado by the road mesh.

In the decade of 1960 the extrativistas activities give exhaustion signals, the crisis of the mica pronounces a fatal blow stops with the economy of the City and cattle of cut and milk it is changedded into more significant the economic activity. Still in this decade, ' ' boom econmico' ' if it makes gift in this territory with the creation of the PDLIM. The following decades will be only expression of the growth of the sector of services. In result, from the decade of 1970, not sustainable a economic cycle, emigratrio process, if develop in parallel to official the economic cycles.


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