Vienna States

Characteristics of the capitalism during the mercantilism anglian-Frenchman: direct settling, capitalist escravismo, economic nationalism. In century XVIII the sistmico chaos is fruit of the intromission of the social conflict in the fights of being able; the balance is reestablished with the Treated one to Vienna (1815); the hegemonic one now is of the British imperialism of free commerce; all the interestatal system is reorganized, and starts to almost have an unknown control of an only power on the whole world. England combines two philosophies: one politics ' ' veneziana' ' of European balance and alliance with reactionary monarchies and one politics ' ' espanhola' ' of colonial imperialism and direct control in the remain of the world (to the exception of America, where the opening of the markets in exchange for has one politics of support to the emancipation of the new nations). Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. From 1870 Germany and the United States go to modify the scale of balance of the British Pax; both the nations try a phase territorialista with economic motivation; after that they try a spectacular phase of industrialization. But the geo-economic position of the United States (so great territorial, position to insular in relation to the Europe and central office between colonial center and regions) will be determinative in its success on the rival. The next sistmica crisis was motivated by a process of socialization of the management of the war and the state: the industrialization of the war goes to increase the influence of the laboring classrooms; it has plea of the imperialism and a polarization between two opposing factions: England and France in favor of keeping the status quo (imperialism of free commerce) and the novices (Germany, Japan) demanding a change in the world-wide power. The two world-wide wars go to lead to the ascension of the United States as new hegemonic power and to produce a new reformularization of the interestatal system, based in the opposition United States x Soviet Union. .


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