Workers Can Retire Before Age 67

In the absence of agreement, the Socialists will pose to modify its proposal to lengthen the working life. PP and CiU are in favor of promoting more long-run contribution to the retirement age. The proposal to delay the retirement age to 67 years not only has met with union opposition, but also with the rejection of all the parliamentary groups of the Pact of Toledo. Therefore, the Socialists (representatives of the Government's proposal in the Committee of the Covenant) have new ideas for extending working life, according to congressional sources say. The socialist option that study is that workers who have contributed 40 years of public pensions do not have to wait until the legal retirement age (67 years if it gets delayed or 65 if the deal fails) to bill the provision of retirement, say sources close to Labour. However, the PSOE will not give up its proposal to extend the retirement age, but in the Toledo Pact talks raise the reflection that makes camera: "It's an outrage that people have more than 40 years of contributions to continue working until age 67.

We have to find a solution for these people." With this approach, the aforementioned parliamentary sources say that the Socialists want to negotiate to reduce the coefficient that penalizes workers who retire before age 65 with a long working life listed. Of course, the retirement age is not binding. But, now, to remove any worker under 65 years regardless of who has contributed 20 or 40 years, applies a coefficient to its board of 8 percent per year until it reaches the statutory retirement age.


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