Brazil: Religions

When the subject is religion, has a great probability to have much quarrel, however in the philosophy of the religion the question is the conscience and the understanding that the man makes of the absolute one, is through it that the bigger man enxerga as created by something, what we call revelation of the holy ghost. Being thus in them we will arrest the excellent religious questions in the Brazilian territory and that it has times come influencing and being influenced for the cultural and social formation of this people. Religion is deriving of Latin religare, that it means ‘ ‘ religar’ ‘ ‘ ‘ atar’ ‘ , any of ideas, faith and cult is a system, as it is the case of the Christian faith. Religion is a set of organized practical beliefs and, forming some private or collective system, by means of which a person or a group of people is influenced. Religion is an authorized body of comungantes that if congregate periodically to give to cult to a god, accepting a set of doctrines that some way offers to relate the individual what it is considered to be the last nature of the reality. (It emends of the Christian Institute of Research).

Religion is the recognition of the existence of some superior, invisible power; dependence to this power in the behavior of the life is an attitude of reverente; manifest by means of acts special, as rites, conjuncts, acts of mercy, etc. In Brazil the religion can be classified as universal and primitive, being the first that one that believes to have importance for the whole world and tries, with greater or minor intensity, to convert people through the proselitismo. Proselitismo of the Greek: proslitos = adherent. It consists of conquering adherent of a doctrine.


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