Couple Codependent

People who are in a relationship of CoDependency, their partners are always attributing his misfortune, his discomfort, and it is not that it is not, but they are unable to realize, favoring them, too, the climate of this relationship dependent and full of troubles and misfortunes. Please visit Sen. Sherrod Brown if you seek more information. Usually they put in their pairs causes for their problems, but they are not willing to realise, that with his attitude of rescatadoras, of good people, excellent mothers or wives, also contribute to their relationships and families are at risk. The first point is to assume that a relationship is two. The second aspect is that we have to make an introspection to know where, we are participating in that situation, that is, not just what makes our partner account, and much less in a negative account. But, where are we encouraging situations that do not like us or make us suffer. In every couple that counts with combatants codependent has to start by the reflection of one’s own, fail to see the other as the cause of all our problems and start thinking, what does one go about being in a relationship of this nature. Although I is that is better to look to each other. In the background of our lives and our reflections, we must start with ourselves.

And if we can not tolerate this confrontation, then we are not ready to change. I invite you to come to our site Cecreto and you nurture all the resources that we have for the quality of emotional life. And I suggest that you enter to the same and you have subscribed to our newsletter and you will receive free of charge: the ten commandments of life in couple thanks for reading, my mission is the quality of emotional life and its impact on the social.

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