Economic Development

Further numerous attempts were also not effective. Perhaps check out Richard Blumenthal for more information. Strange all the same ratio of bureaucrats to their work and priorities of the country and society, is not it? Although our program and is independent of government agencies, we as citizens and patriots of Russia from all stages of development of the Programme senp informed the President of Russia. But all our requests were forwarded to the Ministry of Economic Development, for future reference, we get the correct letter that the information was accepted In general, the relationship with the government can be likened to a "black hole" everything comes back and remains without a proper reply (formal letters do not count). Approximately the same situation formed with community organizations such as "Support of Russia" or "Business Russia". Only this is the specific black hole, no answers at all.

Yet the necessary work had been done and we are showing remarkable patience, honest conveyed to all state and social structures of impending global change. Therefore, with a clear conscience since 2008, we launched a process of public discussion of the new All-Russian economic program senp. Of course, we have attempted to contact all national newspapers and television stations and bringing them to public debate. But, alas, is so hot topic, even with the economic crisis, they were not interested. We have the a feeling that the invisible hand does not give permission to publish our content in mainstream media (although we may be wrong). Nevertheless, the process of public discussion is still on our website.


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