Fifth Republic

Chvez played the atractor role of extrao" in a while of our history. Chvez was like a geometric figure composed by several river basins of attraction, by which they orbit and they circulate the considered elements, in our case, like social movements. The different systems, that each was developed by their account, begin to be and to recognize affinities, to recognize that they are in one fundamental experience, that it is the experience of a raised and enthusiastic collective mental state, full of sense activates which them in its social movement. However, the different movements are clear to each other and begins a period of alliances, there where multitude of activists journeys of organization in organization or creates new until feeling identified. Another manifestation of the orbitaciones occurs when the movements that arise with regard to the social chaos begin to justify themselves, looking for preceding in history: Heroes, episodes or ideologies with which to identify the political project while he generates a conceptual-sentimental amalgam with dintorno social. Taken this mathematical the quantum one, one is orbitaciones in the semitico space, there where the past and the present they are always present, thus is easily atrable to the new atractor. The caotizacin of the global formation generates the instabilities, or rather the beginning of the landslide of the States and, we are only speaking here of the first period, when the state still is still on. When swearing on the Moribunda" and to locate to the country towards the Fifth Republic, Chvez did not make another thing that to ratify the destiny that had preparation to him the Principle of the Turbulence of the Law of the Vortex. The fourth stage, or Negentrpica Phase is the one of the seen rising State like a reorganization of all the field of the solidarity or the cohesion of the system.


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