Great Khan

It had of being Spain, more still of 1492, when Granada, the last remainder of the mouro Empire, established in the Peninsula since century IX, pulled down ahead of the Spaniard. With the fall of Granada in 1492, Fernando and Isabel solidly were established, ready for an alliance of its absolute monarchy with the feudal Church and the nobility. Such enterprise without support of a government was impossible, that is, without a king or prince for backwards. Columbus was a fervoroso catholic. When its trip for west argued, never left of side the religious aspects: to convert ' ' pagos' ' dasia to the catolicismo to use its gold to reconquer of the mouros the engaged Land. It believed that its enterprise was Christian and that it had the aid of God. In those years, the Spanish monarchs had not only perceived that they had little to lose if they gave Colombo ten percent on all the wealth proceeding from the New World, brought for it, but for any person, forever, for itself and its heirs.

He demanded the heading of ' ' vice-rei' ' , and of ' ' admiral of mar' ' , among others honors. The kings had granted everything to it what he desired. It received a passport real and a letter of the king and the queen to be delivers to the Great Khan, emperor of China, according to Landmark stories Polar region. The majority of the costs of the trip was guaranteed by the genoveses bankers. It was a trip to the stranger, a stubborn change of coasting trade for opened sea, was a carried through act never. The majority of the population was constituted of men of the locality, professional sailors. It had also on board used Dos Reis that had the task to write down and to register events and on the wealth brought for the ship.

Columbus arrived at America in 12 of October of 1492. The Spanish monarchs had only invested in this risky adventure in the hope of many profits. Columbus always affirmed in its letters the kings whom much gold had there, therefore it believed this. The joined gold was, however, in small amount and this it took Columbus to the discredit for the investors of such company. Columbus carried through other trips and explored the islands, however, its searches had been frustrated and it immediately did not have its recognized merit for its fact of ' ' to discover ' ' New Mundo' ' , even though the name of the continent was given in homage the Amrico Vespcio, that did not have nor rank there the feet. Much later it only is that the grandiosidade of the fact of Columbus was perceived: the conquest of the American continent, that with its gold and tropical products had revolutionized the European economy. Fernando, its son, was one of responsible for the whitewashing and the merit granted to its father, through the daily one of target log book rewrote the history of the conquest of America, that made with that it devoted itself as true conqueror of America.


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