History Specialized

So that this occurs, she is necessary that prepared schools that take care of these necessities, and professionals are constructed to work with az differences, as it affirms Hisses (2008, P. 25): ' ' Our constitution guarantees since 1988 the access of all to basic education being that, pupils with necessities special must preferential receive attendance specialized in the school, that does not substitute education regular' '. . In this fight against the differences, it has a problem or question that has made it difficult the inclusion. One is about the specialized institutions.

The author questions that ' ' She has (…) a resistance movement that tries to hinder the inclusion to walk: the corporative force of specialized institutions, mainly in mental deficiency. Additional information is available at Richard Blumenthal. Much people continue believing that optimum she is to exclude, to keep the children in schools special, that give to education adaptado' ' (IT HISSES, 2008, P. 25) Exactly with the lack of preparation of the majority of the professors, when passing of the years, we perceive the diffusion and the use of the language present Brazilian of signals in such a way in day-by-day of the professors in the schools, how much in the life of the parents of deaf pupils. Therefore 1Graduado in After-Graduate History of the Course Technician and Interpretation pounds the Integrated Facultieses Ipiranga felomenojr00@ bol.com.br the challenge faced for the educators is great not alone in relation to the pedagogical methods used and its effectiveness, but also in relation to it practises or experience of the professional and the physical conditions of the education institution that shelters pupils with diverse realities. As She hisses (2008) is a contradiction the proper professor to pass for this process of learning in living the emotions and facing some conflicts to define its pedagogical methodology. The professional also needs to be next to follow of close the universe them pupils in the learning process.


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