King Carlos

Merivel abandons its friend, John Pearce, also doctor, and if dumb for the palace, and if it becomes veterinarian of the dozens of dogs that the King Carlos II possua. Of great recognition in being doctors of men. Merivel if became a species of veterinarian, and took care of only of the cachorros of the king. With passing of the time, and as it was receiving more money from what of custom it finishes for if becoming a species of ' ' palhao' ' of the cut, because it made of everything to please the king. Its life summarized then the palhaadas women, drinks, dogs and that made for the king to have fun itself.

However, these ' ' regalias' ' that Merivel received would cost it a high price, and it did not delay so that the King came to ask for to it or better to give an order to it so that he was married Clia Clemence, one of the loving ones of Carlos II, that its wife did not accept. The order of the King was that Merivel was not gotten passionate for Clia. The marriage happened the two had left London. However, the doctor was ' ' obrigado' ' to abandon its profession. When Clia knew, Merivel if it enchanted with its beauty. The two had been to live in a castle the cut of Carlos II had confiscated that it beed situated? if to the edges of Tmisa, in Kew.

When they had been to live in the castle presenteia Merivel Clia with one rouxinol, that the king had presenteado to it has some time behind. It was that it had its first failure as doctor, therefore the small bird there adoece and dies, without it could make nothing for salute? lo not even the luck can aid – lo. How Clia lived charging of the King Carlos II that it wanted to come back toward London and as this could not lev? there in return so early, therefore before it needed that its wife did not disturb more it with regard to the subject.


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