National Commission

Much literature we have read in recent days about the draft European legislative act through which intends to modify the scheme of royalties, but that most caught my attention by all the aspects that dealt with is the one contained in the same explanatory statement of the project, because it’s a whole series of arguments based on partial figures and justifications that only attempts to apply without regard to the territorial entitiesespecially when they are valid for the central sector of public administration. In effect the Government says around the incorrect use of the resources of royalty: administrative and financial auditing contracted by the National Commission of royalty entity liquidated, had as contractual object to verify that the execution, distribution and destination of resource royalties and compensations, as well as from the national royalties Fund allocations for the years 2001-2004they conform to the law. By virtue of the earlier, showed 27,610 alleged irregularities contractual, budget, financial problems, projects and documentation, which were reported to the Control agencies and/or the Attorney-General as appropriate. In this regard, the following chart may be entities with the highest number of irregularities reported, highlighting the departments of Santander, Casanare, Cordoba, La Guajira, Cesar, Sucre and Huila (box shows the following percentages: 16% Santander, Casanare 13%, Cordoba 12%, 11% Guajira, Cesar 8%, Sucre 6%, Huila 6%, Bolivar 5%, Antioch 5%, 4%, 4%, 3% goal Arauca Putumayo)Norte de Santander 2%, 2%, 2% Boyaca Tolima) now well, continuing the explanatory statement, in relation to the years 2005 to 2010 DNP pursuant to received from the defunct National royalties Commission functions, has 21.681 alleged irregularities reported to organs of Control, with the following results by departments, thus: Cordoba 19%, 15% Guajira, Sucre 13%, Santander 12%, Cesar 6%, goal 6%, Casanare 4%, Arauca 4%, Antioch % 3, Huila 3%, Bolivar 3%, Boyaca 2%, 2%, 2%, Choco 2 Tolima Putumayo % for the period 2005-2010, keeps telling the explanatory memorandum of the draft, to evaluate the results of the actions of administrative and financial control it is concluded that the main reasons generators of irregularities in the use of royalties and compensationsto hiring failures relating to non-observance of strict selection processes, are untimely execution of contracts, omission of the hiring of technical supervision, difficulties in the formulation of projects by lack of adequate prior studies and lack of licensing, violation of the law on financing of operating expenses royalties, expenses without legal competence and failure to comply with the minimum percentages required by articles 14 and 15 of Act 141 of 199431, modified by the items 1 and 2 of the law 1283 200932, improper handling of the budget by inadequate building stocks, non-compliance to compromise budget, deficiencies in the structure of the plan of development and inappropriate management of resources reflected in the investment of the royalties in not allowed operations.


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