Professional Experience

In practice, the major advantage of third-party professionals is that in addition to professional experience they have more and organizational skills audits. They not only know what information they need, but also know how to get it. In addition, the professionals know what difficulties might they meet and how to avoid them. To all other owners and managers of the acquired company or companies contracting experience less discomfort when communicating with independent experts. As a general rule, any serious test requires the expertise of different directions. In this case, the criterion of efficiency can meet only the legal or multidisciplinary consulting firm with experience, which has a staff of most sought-after experts – lawyers, accountants. An additional advantage of such a company is the presence of strong partnerships with a public accounting firm, which enable to carry out comprehensive inspections. However, in many specific market segments of knowledge outside specialists is not enough. In this If a qualitative test result can be achieved only when the customer's experts work closely with industry experience, and attracted professionals with extensive practice audits. Unfortunately, this way of working is used infrequently: the customer is not always ready to distract their experts from their current work and expects for its money outside consultants themselves do the work and hand over its "under key. In turn, the consultants also are not eager to give part of the work, and therefore part of his fee to the side and try to do everything yourself. Suffers as a result the quality of work. Influence of the state is important not to forget that, what are conducted all these activities related to audits of transactions and bringing them to a clean and legal mind. The fact that in the current market conditions, the state shall in no way be able to stay outside an observer and watch "blind eye" to the business processes taking place on its territory. State sends a strong message that will be in every way to deal with rogue companies involved in all sorts of gray schemes and suspicious transactions, and on the other hand will provide support and assistance to companies doing business transparently. This is especially important in the financial crisis, when the situation will develop, associated with a decrease income tax payments. In any case, the government will implement more stringent methods of monitoring suspicious transactions and will force employers to abandon them. In conclusion, I appeal to statistics – almost 50 percent of all transactions relating to acquisitions are not successful. Typically, the main costs borne by the buyer, who must evaluate their business acquired in conditions of acute lack of information and time, and often deliberate distortions of it. However, well-organized and carried out by checking the purity of the transaction allows the parties to significantly reduce the risk of adverse effects.


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