Saint Maria

There inside, she finished being ‘ ‘ escolado’ ‘ learned everything what it was necessary to initiate a life directed toward the crime. It knew of all the contacts necessary to buy weapons, to acquire drugs to resell, people who make the transport and others ‘ ‘ cositas mas’ ‘. When leaving, the fact to have been imprisoned, made with it ‘ ‘ it went up in conceito’ ‘ , as it is said in the slang of the criminals. Unprepared to get any type of job and with it stains to have been presidiary, it did not think two times: it initiated its business of vender drugs soon and, already it was with a motion and a place sufficiently frequented by luxury cars. Evidently, this fact finished calling the attention them authorities that had finished making one ‘ ‘ batida’ ‘ in the place and the youngster it finished prisoner, defendant and condemned by traffic of drugs. Sad end for that it started with a simple love of adolescents. It is that although all the information that the young receives nowadays, seem that nothing it advances: the sexuality still is practised without any care to prevent the sexually transmissible illnesses and the pregnancy. thus, we have a succession of girls generating other children, without having economic conditions or psychological it stops as much.

With parents and mothers not yet prepared to create a son and with grandmothers whom they need to absent the entire day to get the sustenance of the family, I I am asking as he is that these children grow. Which the values that finish directing its lives? Which will be its references ahead of the well-known fact of that the family who would have to be for them an environment of integral protection, it does not come more fulfilling its main function that is exactly of to them arrives in port giving it affective necessary for its healthful development, despertando them for the main socially accepted ethical values and of behavior? It is well evident that, in its majority, the models that they will go to follow, are those dictated by the streets, the false malandragem, the smallness of objectives and perspectives and soon, they will continue giving sequence to the cycle initiated for its previous generations. Many of these new girls soon will be bringing to the life convicted children to the abandonment and the boys, will possibly finish frequenting ‘ ‘ university of crime’ ‘ that it is the arrest. It is a vicious circle that, if will not be cut immediately by some joint initiative of the families, of the society and of the governments, it will follow devastating and inexorably compromising good part of our new generations. Jorge Andres Irion Jobim.


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