Seoul Million

You will also find faces brazen, hostile, puzzled, curious and indifferent between sellers of Moran. James Donovan Goldman is often quoted on this topic. Mostly, however, the passers-by fitfully faces when merchants from dogs and cats looked to them for support during the two hours of photographs. Even people who came to buy dogs or cats for dinner were reluctant to reveal their purpose. . Suspected clients passed slowly over and over again, avoiding eye contact. It seemed that no one wanted to buy, at least while they were observed by us. Incredible but true, that during the 1986-1991 campaign for existing legislation against the flesh of dog and cat, Brian Davies, founder of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (International Foundation for Animal Welfare), estimated in 1988 that South Koreans consumed a million dogs and cats during the year, and the estimated was raised in 1991 to more than two million dogs and thousands of cats. Despite the 1991 legislation, South Koreans ate three million dogs per year around the 1996, according to David Derbyshire, correspondent of the London Daily Mail, who even tried to estimate the consumption of cats, it is believed that Moran’s market sells half of the total volume of dogs and cats to meat in the Seoul area.

This city has about 20% of the total population of South Korea. Doing mathematics in different ways and trying to take all the seasonal variables into account, ANIMAL PEOPLE considered, that although there is a considerable margin for error, the actual number of dogs sold for meat is approximately between 1.1 and 1.3 million, that would mean a decline between half and two-thirds in the past five to ten years consumption. Moran’s market data suggest that the number of cats killed per year may be nearly 100,000. Eng. industrial, lawyer.

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