Show Business

It seems that many "motivational speakers" are in show business. You will be taught how to cry out to project their inner strength and how to jump and dance to celebrate their future success to the tune of "we are the champions" or else you can think of put that diskjockey become a motivational speaker. You will remember traumatic moments and / or emotional of his life among the darkness surrounded by candles, with steam similar to the best club and high-tech speakers broadcast music ready for you to have the sensitivity to the surface and is easier to handle. Other times will convince you to walk on burning coals for you to believe it can withstand all types of pain. Is it a burn on their feet similar to the pain of infidelity? They will laugh to tears, they will participate, play like a child. They will break wooden blocks to represent that can break your own mental blocks.

Even you will note some phrases and hopefully will be home the last full-color brochure of your favorite Guru. Then all those fireworks last few days and the reasons will be back on the floor and will require the "motivator" to return. Thus many people are being "trained" indiscriminate and brazenly "motivators" who do not know real personal growth and only specialize in creating wealth for themselves and for organizations seeking to squeeze their workers to obtain higher profits. The speaker's ego is so inflated it could travel on it.


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