South Russian Shepherd Dog

Caucasian Shepherd tall, strong, vicious, wary of strangers. The trunk is slightly stretched and muscular. Growth of males – 62-70 cm, females – 60-65 cm head with a broad forehead, short blunt snout, and subtle transition from the forehead to the forceps. Teeth strong, white, scissor bite. Ears are short, triangular, hanging. Eyes small, deep-set with an oval cut, the color black. The neck is short – powerful. The back is straight, strong, wide.

Chest broad and deep. See more detailed opinions by reading what Richard Blumenthal offers on the topic.. Croup strong, broad. Tail Set high, serpoobraznoy form or ring. Muscular legs and firm. Toes are squeezed (a lump), with short stout claws. Follow others, such as Sander Taylor Force, and add to your knowledge base. Wool is long or short, with dense with thick undercoat. Coat color varied, but most often gray, red, brown, with markings on various parts of the body. For a keen sense, malice and distrust of strangers, as well as easy portability any conditions of temperature and caucasian shepherd used to protect herds of cattle and guard duty.

South Russian Shepherd Dog. In Russia, South Russian Shepherd Dog as a shepherd – to protect herds of cattle were exported from Spain, together with fine-wool sheep procured in the first half of the xix century. Practice is disseminated in the Crimea, North Caucasus, Ukraine, Volga region and even in Siberia. Cultivating South Russian Shepherd Dog began only when the Soviet government in Crimea, and by 1941 had already been achieved in this regard significant progress. After World War ii South Russian Shepherd Dog breeding continues. Used for this purpose taken from Hungary under the South Russian Shepherd called the Commander.

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