Warsaw Pact

Only in the commemorative articles on prominent figures of the country, the causes of death of almost disappeared for each of them in 1937-1938. The word ‘voluntarism’ replaced the formula “violations of socialist legality and the retreat from Leninist norms of state and party life ‘, the overthrow of was applied as the protection of democratic gains. Evidence that not all is well in the country of victorious socialism, was the development of economic reform, named after the then chairman of the Council of Ministers kosyginskoy. Reform of this, is the first timid attempts to give at least a small fraction of the economic independence of producers, free them from the brutal prescriptive regulation from above, was adopted with much fanfare and quietly launched on the brakes. Since 1963, began to buy grain abroad.

Shelves were becoming more spacious, the queues in the grocery stores longer and longer. But the holiday is established, more and more. The country is increasingly celebrated and rejoiced. ‘Thaw’ the euphoria is over. Hopes for the possibility of democratic development through improved existing state system melted. Of clarity came in August 1968, when Warsaw Pact tanks entered Prague, the capital of a friendly socialist state: the totalitarian macrosystem could not admit even the idea of socialism all the same, but the ‘human face’, proclaimed by Dubcek and his supporters. The idea of a bright communist future, which the authorities for decades attracted people calling to undergo regular difficulty, obviously losing appeal. Though concluded xxii Congress of the cpsu promise: ‘The current generation of Soviet people will live under communism! ” – This is no one seriously believed.


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