Young Naturalist

Before I could finish on the indisputable advantages of small household technology, as a man passing by asked as a gift to a self-cleaning shaver. Present? 6. Palm Pilot – something between a laptop and a pocket notebook. Kiberprodvinutye men are very fond of new-fangled electronic wonders of technology (the latest model of mobile phone worm for listening and a portable fridge). For the business person and a very busy student mai overlooking the tests and arriving late at Goodbye, – such a thing is absolutely necessary. Becoming as its owner, he certainly will not forget about the anniversary of your meeting (weddings, births, birthdays) and try to be home on time with a gift in your teeth. 7.

Clothing – the perfect gift for those members of the strong half of mankind who know everything about everything, they forget about how they look. They simply do not care why you povolnuytes for them and bring them into the divine form, giving a warm sweater, scarf or lingerie. In the choice of clothing should trust women, they also want their men look stylish and fashionable. 8. Tickets for the concert (in the theater, football, the circus), or an annual subscription to the magazine fhm, Men’s Health, Playboy, xxl, Young Naturalist” – Believe me, such a gift would be glad of any music lover, theatergoer, fans and latent Casanova.

Get on a concert of his favorite team or teams have been the limit of his dreams in the last few days, to subscribe the same time just lacked. Your resourcefulness and wit can only envy, and the ability to get the deficit – and even more so! 9. Cigars or alcohol – in such gifts are many advantages: you can always participate in sharing drinking and donated items. Try not to overdo it with any order, and not with others. If you manage to find Churchill smoked or Fidel Castro a cigar and a bottle of unfinished Quentin Tarantino “crystal”, you transcend itself. If looking for exclusive things just do not have time, buy a good bottle of red wine. And now for the bonus – “My best gift is ” Of course, you – beautiful, smart, sexy, festive and bright – like a Christmas toy Packed in elegant lingerie (no bows and gift wrapping paper), you will become the most desired gift for a loved one (as required)


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