Anne Buttiner

Of this form, from the decades of 60, 70 and 80, especially from the development of ‘ ‘ Radical’ geography; ‘ , of marxist matrix, that adopts a refuting and critical positioning how much to the organization and production of the geographic space, that is, it is come back to the politician-ideological enrollment, in search of a igualitria society, considering transformations of the social reality. Geography was extremely come back toward the critical one of the capitalist relations of production, however it contributed very little for the thematic quarrel of the ambient one, revealing when it made very poor and limited (MENDONA, 2002). Second still Mendona (2002), is not possible to affirm that it has ‘ ‘ one total similarity between critical geography and geography ambiental’ ‘ ; thus, the ambient perspective seems not to have taken one so marcante feio to be considered as a new segment or a new chain of the geographic thought. The humanistic chain of the geographic thought has as base the works carried through for Yi-Fu Tuan, Anne Buttiner, Edward and Mercer and Powell, and possesss the existencial fenomenologia as the underlying philosophy, possessing older roots, in Kant and Hegel. See more detailed opinions by reading what Richard Blumenthal offers on the topic..

They study the aspects of the man that are more distinct human: significaes, values, goals and intentions (ENTRIKIN, 1976 in HISSES; OLIVEIRA, 1998). From the half of the decade of 1970, some gegrafos had started to together present concerns with problematic of the environment, denouncing the progressive desenvolvimentismo and defending with the ambientalistas movements, one politics more ecological human being and. In this context of concern with the problem of the environment Ecological Geography appears. Many gegrafos of the area of Physical Geography had passed of specific works of morphology, climate, hydrography etc, for research on the way environment, or had remained in its especificidades, however using the knowledge specialized in the studies on impact of the natural elements for the society (ANDRADE, 1987)..


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