City Planning

Parking – this is a big headache most of the large and growing cities. A related site: Ray Dalio mentions similar findings. Every now and then the drivers get their fines for parking in the wrong place, or on the lawn. The owners of vehicles still trying to cram their cars then one place, then another – passing places in the yards along the road are saints – are never empty for long. Put one wheel on the lawn, and another left on the road – sort of like a machine and not on the lawn (I can not fine), and do not like to the road (who should, he will travel as a side by side) – that are driving tricks, and every day dozens of times, we can observe, and even themselves to become parties to patrols cars with each other, accompanied, as expected, the mention of all the archangels and not very much. Moreover, these caretakers, ever drives the car our of our own house (well, any debris will remain with us until the spring – also can be understood). City officials promise to us construction of new parking lots and parking lots, but where they build, if the places that might have been something to build up already so built up with something? In any more or less developed city with a parking problem is very acute.

Therefore, when developers Construction of new homes and neighborhoods, or in restructuring the former immediately integrated approach to this issue, trying to solve a difficult problem and playgrounds provide children with future settlers and parking spaces provide. To this end, the builders are trying to provide the widest vnutridvorovye passages. But, again, to avoid loading yard parking for local residents imposed for vnutridvorovye area: it is often space under the parking lot drained to the end of the houses and the houses, but also provides a place for nearby garages and paid public parking, secured its protection. It is hoped that the new concept of built-up will allow us to observe less unpleasant picture of chaotic parking.


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