Clio Carlos

Rose: – its son of puta! Hell goes pro. I do not give more the minim pra you! Rose leaves and Carlos is drinking! Carlos binds for Clio and Luiz. Colloquy between Carlos and Clio: Carlos: al! Clio Cilo cries! Clio: – Carlinhos its excrement! You remember that she has friends? Now he is the owner of the married city and with the woman of its dreams. Carlos: – it is not well thus Clio. I am fodido. In the politics children of puta are all, my woman is son of puta and puta at the same time. Clio laughs.

Clio: – therefore it is my good. I also was married a son of puta. But it is the life. In so he is tchau! Luiz: – tchau! He helps me to Clio. He cries and he disconnect the telephone. (let i touches music be). Penultimate act Clio talks with Clio Luiz: it knows Luiz, my husband beats to me very! Luiz: because you do not break fuas of it? Clio: I am not more the same one.

Before I could finish with it with one alone blow, but I cannot. I have attemped to find diverse ways to move away to me from the Carlinhos, I fall and it is something holds that me it arrests and me so that I do not make besteira! Luiz: – I understood you has fear to be alone with the Carlos and if to leave to lead for the passion. Then it comes the question: – because not to invest in this love? R: – Fear of the language of the people. Clio: Worse it is that it is blind of loves for that one zinha. Today it bound asking for aid to me. Luiz: it also bound to me. I felt an order of aid in the voice of it. Sincerely Clio, it does not respect the Carlos!


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