Several concepts must be addressed from a common reference framework for analysis and use of theoretically correct. Several concepts are discussed, including: general behavior pattern, shared beliefs and values of the members, which may be inferred from what they say, people do and think in an organizational environment. (3) social glue that holds a standards organization. Are the values or social ideals, beliefs that members of the organization share, expressed in symbolic elements such as myths, rituals, stories, legends, and specialized language. “(4) Full set of beliefs, traditions, values, rules, expectations and habits often unconscious and widely shared characteristic of a specific group of people in an organization.

(5) pattern of human activities or conduct, and rules, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and values cherished and espoused by members of the organization, which determines their conduct and behavior (6). Elements of organizational culture in the previous conceptualizations prevail as constant elements: beliefs, values, norms, attitudes and behaviors. System shared items, which are basic to the culture (7) designed as follows (8): Beliefs; structure of thought rooted in organizations valid and shared, to interpret reality. Act is certainly aware that what we think and act with the interpretation of reality. Values; form of action that responds to the architecture of previous beliefs, indivisible from them, values that form of action is better than another.

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