Dictatorship, Dictadura Military Government, Democradita Vivemos in parents who much can offering in them, everything so depends on the will politics of our Governing Coming back old Rome! The dictatorship concept if originates old Rome. In Latin, the word was ‘ ‘ dictatura’ ‘. However, the meaning modern of the concept is completely different of the institution that it assigned in the Seniority. In any way, a comparison between old and modern dictatorship can help to better understand the direction that the term acquired nowadays. To start, the dictatorship Roman was an institution of extraordinary character. She was only activated in bonanza circumstances, to make front the emergency situations, as an internal crisis or a war. The dictator was nominated for one or the two consuls – the heads of the Roman government -, in accordance with the Senate and for processes defined constitutionally.

In the same way, also the limits of its performance were defined. Still thus to be able, them of the dictator they were very ample and its decrees – what it ‘ ‘ ditava’ ‘ (and it comes ‘ from there; ‘ ditadura’ ‘) – they had the value of law. Although this, its powers were not limitless: the dictator could not revoke or to change the Constitution, to declare war, to create new taxes for the Roman citizens, nor to exert the paper of judge in the cases of civil law. Finally, the dictatorship had its duration explicit settled: it could not last six months more than. Exactly being of the described form above, I do not agree to a regimen that come to cut with a scythe Rights, to inhibit the legislative iniciative by a non member parliament, to deprive the community of information, and conduziz it as cattle abates for it. I want that he is clearly for that I do not defend and I do not obtain to enxergar the totalitarian regimen, wants that it is, as flag for my Life.

I only long for parents with honest people, who respect the state treasury publish, that they have in the people the image of its proper family. People who make the conduction of our country for ways that direct it for a reality more joust and equalitria. It is sad the all day to have in the reporters manchetes of a reality repleta of corruption, frauds, shunting lines of the state treasury I publish. All this mud also demonstrates to a meliante personality of the ones in ours Politicians and Administrators, that for table comes to crown all Brazilian people, deturpando the origin of our ancestry, by the way is a people to have the best adjectives that they can overlap a Human being, since that is the result of a mixture of lineages. We live a Democradita today, where if it governs for provisional remedies, laws with approvals negotiated in cabinets and corridors, laws with approvals in urgent regimen, urgentssima (so that the people does not have chances to question) and partisan suspicious transactions. comes mrtires of the Democracy (these that defends the current government, in that it is the level to say) me that I am partisan of the Totalitarian regimen. They make me one garapa, they beat to an avocado with lemon and honey to me!


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