European Council

In that Europe where the liberties citizens have been themselves unbalanced by war against the terrorism, also have backed down the social rights by the economic interests of a few. A neoliberalism of great purity. Now, a legion of experts cries out that ” the social model of Europe is not in peligro”. Although others, like Bjarte Vandvik, Secretary General of the European Council for the Refugees, consider that the vision that has Europe today (the one of the cut of some not recognized liberties and the social backward movement) is cruel and unwarranted. Some professional politician, presumed expert, has said that is not ended any social model, but competitive taboos are due to break if we want to be. We would finish! One is about money, benefits, and the famous myth of ” competitividad” it comes from Rep them. Years ago, from pro-European sectors critics alerted themselves not to construct one ” Europe of mercaderes”.

Perhaps that Europe would have been digerible than the one of the great banks, powerful financial groups and voracious companies transnational companies that send to garete the European dream by love to their accounts of results. Many analysts agree in which Europe has turned towards a forceful conservatism and generated social and political a backward movement. One scores at that the extension towards the east from 2004 has helped that drift to the right. Perhaps because the old block of the East embraced with fervor of I talk neoliberal Capitalism. Or perhaps no. The case is that, after beautiful words of self-satisfaction and ample smiles of professional europolticos, we walked towards which professor Juan Towers denominates jibarizacin of the democracy. From the European political power the democracy is reduced in fact, as the poor farmers reduced heads. How to understand, for example, that it has not at least been reflected on the French vote, Dutch and Irish that did not approve the Constitution nor the following Constitutional Treaty, and has been months acting as if that vote by ricochet to ” su” Europe would not have existed? This one is not Europe that we want, because that Europe is less and less Europe.


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