Evo Morales and His Beliefs

The brazen Morales said you have to respect the wishes of the Honduran people to change their laws. For it is not the Honduran people, but its former president who wanted to. Similarly occurred in Bolivia when he decided to do the same. It was against the popular will and the public rose to the streets en masse to the point that Morales had to adopt its constitution at a military barracks. Nor should we forget that when he took office, arbitrarily dismissed the generals and colonels in command, and placed their puppets paying exorbitant sums to obey him without question.

Evo Morales is the most grotesque expression of Latin American dictatorship believed to live and think you can mock the intelligence of the people and the world. It is in these times, up and arrogant illiterate peasant enjoys international coverage if you have money, no matter where it comes from. Morales also is president autocrat of all the federations of coca producers in Bolivia, which means it is directly responsible for the increased production of cocaine, a fact which makes it a crime associated with drug trafficking. Bolivian cocaine has increased rates of violence in Argentina and Brazil, where in the slums and faves smoked in the form of sulfate or paste known as a pacer . This form of is the most addictive drug, and its power dependence stronger than heroin. In addition to links with the drug, Morales has been the cause of death by government repression of more people than anyone in the last 50 years, including all combined military dictatorships, which makes him an accomplice to murder.

With these causes over his head, as well as illicit enrichment, not surprisingly, Evo Morales starts to tremble and ask help from the false name of defending democracy. Manuel Zelaya did not criminality. Today he is in Costa Rica, tomorrow will go to Nicaragua, then to Venezuela, will continue his whining comforted by Insulza, and later it will end up nestled in the arms of Barack Obama. If Eva Morales is removed, the only place to go is prison. International Analyst Biography Short Biography Jose Brechner was born in Bolivia. He was a deputy -1985-1989 – ambassador, and founding member of the Nationalist Democratic Action, political party center-right. He chaired the Foreign Affairs Committee at the National Congress of Bolivia and acted as official representative of the country at several international forums and organizations, including OAS. During his mandate, was nominated by all the press in Bolivia, as the best congressman. Columnist and political analyst, his articles in journals from Latin America, North America, Europe and the Middle East, is the most popular Bolivian journalist in the world. Participated in major television shows of the caliber of “60 Minutes” and “The MacNeil / Lehrer Report.” Brechner is an active advocate of private property, market economy and the freedoms and individual rights.

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