Country Irrigation

Progress in the country, with a motor pump irrigation. Summer in the capital of the thing itself is extreme. The easiest way to depart to nature for example to the country, but there are some difficulties, especially if you're married and giving Teschin. All begins with the fees collected by his wife and child thing is essentially a weakly feasible and sometimes not just the first step rialnaya.Ladno Odyssey completed a family steeped in the car, now in the way of her mother. Why does my mother-in-law prefers to shake us by car, rather than go on the train itself for me a big mystery. In the car she was constantly something wrong, then very quickly go, very slowly, then hot, then cold, then just seasick and have to stop here and now. Having made a ritual semicircle around Moscow and uploading my second mom, our little family moved on to the restless side of the suburbs with the hope of rest in the shade.

The very best not to describe a trip that may well be good when you have to crew grandmother with a baby, and you're going on our roads and suspension harsh but the car handling good. Well, that's all finally arrived tired, your child wants to eat and sleep as usual at once, op is shorter nesusvetny Noah's Ark on unloading. Well, the morning begins with setting goals for the day and probably at night, judging by the number of these tasks. Of course, it is believed that the change in activity is a rest, I have this dissenting opinion. The main task of this delivery of irrigation water near the river skunk on the site. It seems simple but there is a nuance of a river in a ravine near but quite steep and the slopes of clay and viscous, climb over them with buckets in hand requires a good climber training, which I do not have. After falling once again into the damp clay, decided that the problem should be solved kordinalno.Lyudi long way came up with this Koshin KTH-80X gasoline engine-driven pump to the engine HONDA GX-240 with the tank to 6 liters and above all very quiet. After the purchase of my life in the country has become easier and more carefree.


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