Federal Constitution

However, the which had impoverishment of the aged ones, to the reduced retirements and pensions, comes provoking the aged growth of the number of without ceiling and worthy alternatives of shelter and housing. In 2007, Brazil had 6,7 million people liveing alone and 40.8% of them were aged. Although the gratuitousness of aged the urban collective transports to still have them been instituted in the decade of 1980, for the Federal Constitution, much before the Statute, this is one of the areas most sensible in day-by-day of the aged ones and still it has very to be made to guarantee the rights that them are asseguradosem law. Amaior has left of the companies of collective transports (terrestrial, aquatic and aerial) not yet it fulfills its duty to implement the ergonomic improvements and of security in its fleets and places of embarkment and landing to adjust itself to the necessities of the aged ones. It is possible, therefore, to infer that the Statute is a code of rights that considers measured of protection and social control and represents an important advance in the fight for the affirmation of the dignity of the elderly.

It creates a legal system in defense of the aged one, with new procedural rules, that extend the ability of the courts. also defines a series of crimes against the elderly and its respective penalty (detention, reclusion and fines), facilitating the performance of the Public prosecution service in the combat to the disrespect, to the abuse, maltreatment, the aggression, the violence and the abandonment that constitute the main complaints of the aged ones. One gives credit that Democracy is synonymous of a State paved in a jurisprudence democratically consisting and that it has limited the power of the State by means of the Right. However, democracy cannot only be understood as a formal process is basic the envolvement and the popular participation in the democratic process. We must initially demand of the State to the formularization of laws and public politics that take care of to social interests e, at as a moment, that the formal conquests in fact are accomplished. The first step was given, has the legal endorsement, a Statute of the Aged one. At this moment, the fight must be for the material efetivao of this Statute that, starting to be a flag of all, will contribute so that Brazilian society in fact is respected.


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