Luggage Indispensable For A Cruise

The slogan must be whenever the minus is but, for that reason is very important that we chose to take us to a cruise. Besides the clothes and the elements of personal cleanliness, the suitcase of a good crucerista would not be complete without a small group of objects that due to their experience in cruises make but the trip easy and pleasant. This small list would be composed by: On with documentation Like first advice, to put in on all the important documents of the trip like documents of hiring of the cruise, passports, documentation of the insurance, list of reserved excursions (you reserved if them before embarking), the telephone of your bank, as well as an indication of some relative with whom to contact in case of emergencia. An electrical thief. In the staterooms normally many plugs do not exist, and often they are insufficient to be able to recharge all our electrical devices. A small alarm-clock.

In my years of cruises I have been able to see that in the majority of staterooms did not have an awakener, and even though you can leave the order of which they wake up to you from the reception, I always believed but practitioner to take a small one waked up. A air freshener. Incredibly it can be very useful. You can take it from house or buy it in the first port. Often, especially in old boats, the bad scents can invade the corridor where it is located our stateroom. Often the boat, or some ports near industrial zones, or some problem in the system of pipes of the boat is painted. It is possible to solve with a small air freshener a small Kit of first aid. That it contains bandage, plasters, something for the colds (throat cooling), aspirins, ibuprofeno, and if you always suffer of mareos biodramina with caffein.

A hermetic stock market (waterproof). Especially recommendable for cruises that have days of beach or aquatic activities. You can put out of danger your documentation, money, cameras when you glide to visit beaches or to take excursions that imply the transport in small boats. Notebook of trip. Without doubting it, my appraised good but in a cruise. A small notebook where to write where I was, that I did, to who I knew, my impressions. Where before embarking I write down the important reviews but than I want to see, as well as the emergencia telephones. To write in a boat of cruises just a little bit every day is made a habit of the good cruceristas. Books Without doubt there is no better place to read than in the aftercastle in a boat of cruise with a good Tea or refreshment. I will always recommend to take some book to the cruises, but with the reservation of being practitioners and not to always take but of whom really you can read, and in editions of pocket. You can find but information in Greetings and Happy Cruise!


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