National Assembly

Although the 11 of November to be the date of national independence, day 4 of April, entered without edges of doubts, in the hitria of Africa and quia of the world, as the day in the weapons, the suffering and the hostilities human beings if they had been silent definitively in Angola. It was one day that gave for everything: to smile, to jump, to hug, to run and even though to cry of joy. In this day, all the ways, looks and ears had been turned toward the National Assembly, where the act elapsed, in a covering in direct of the RNA and the TPA. In an environment of you eat and you drink, was possible brother (children of the same mother) seated to the same table. It was very good for hearing, for example, Lukamba Cat to desire ' ' good apetite' ' to Seting the de a Cruz Grandson, or Lourno Joo still tipped for general Kamorteiro and Marcial Dachala, rija to degustarem brave bones of a hen, seemed until friends of finger and nail! When signing the Peace accord, the Cross penxses Neto and Kamorteiro had consummated the act, giving unequivocal tests of that the Angolans are capable to decide its proper problems. ' ' We are forbidden of falhar' ' , it emphasized Cross Grandson, of the FAA.

' ' The gora is necessary to disarm mentes' ' , it concluded Kamorteira, of the Armed Forces of the UNITA. If one day to leave ' ' cadeiro' ' , Jos Eduardo dos Santos will make it of head raised for leaving this legacy to the Angolan people. A become dream was same reality. Alive the peace, the unit and the national reconciliation!


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