Pastoral Council

Spent the days of my meeting with the coordinators, she crosses to me the lady in mention in the street near the parish, and she said to me, that what had done and said I in this meeting was bad and who already we would speak in advice. And thus she was indeed, with a very instructive tone and trying to indicate his capacity to confront these meetings with the other pastoral groups, she said to me in front of all the advice who my attitude left much to be desired, and that it lacked seriousness. I did not serve for this. Just I realized because some of the pastoral projects, that I presented/displayed in advice did not have importance and nobody said nothing on the matter to me. A detail that I want to stand out, and that it would not have suddenly to do it, because would be possible to be interpreted like own interest of my person, the following one: Every month in our parish one carried out in each zone a significant action, and some members of advice gave to char them in these encounter, and I offered myself for this. The first day at the end of my intervention, the people were contented, flattering the form to express to me, and that would inform it to the parish priest.

Never there was a commentary neither by policy, nor a mention to this event. As I repeat does not interest to me she makes, it to be able to state the indicated above thing. The communication and the mutual confidence with my wife, allowed to tell him everything me what happened in the Pastoral Council, and seems that somehow this was arrived that is to say in this advice. Certain time Mrs. Gabriela, made a commentary in meeting of advice, which nothing could leave these meetings; because if what treated in these meetings, it were state secret.


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