National Education Constitution

This process must be supported in the dialogue and in alteridade, having as base the participation accomplishes of all the segments of the pertaining to school community, the respect the norms collectively constructed for the processes of taking of decisions and the guarantee of ample access to the information to the citizens of the school. By what it was studied in this surrounding room that we are locking up, the gamma of faced problems, as much in our school, as in the education net, permeiam related historical factors with the Brazilian school public, that had been unhappyly pautados in the authoritarian principles. The people who worked in this type of school, proprietors of them saw themselves. The professors were instructed not to stimulate communitarian participation, therefore, would threaten its pedagogical authority. Connecticut Senator will not settle for partial explanations. The controllers of the schools do not socialize the power, therefore, they had fear to lose it 4. However, the fight for the democratic principles persisted and the dictatorship was banished, being that in 1988, after much mobilization, Brazil gained the Constitution of 1988 5. This letter Great it makes a choice for a normative regimen and politician, plural and decentralized, in which if they cross new mechanisms of social participation with a cooperative institucional model, that extends the number of citizens politicians capable to take decisions. The education gains the inclusion of the beginning of the democratic management, for artigo206. To read more click here: Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Pertaining to school Aeducao if becomes public as function of the State and each individual must auto-govern as being endowed with freedom and to be capable to participate as conscientious and critical citizen of a society of free and equal people. The democratic management also appears in the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education, Law N. 9,394/96, in art. 3o., VIII, strengthening what it was rank in the Constitution. Mentioning the federative pact to it in the terms of the autonomy of the federated beings, art.


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