Paulo Freire

Freedom without equality is only for the powerful freedom, equality without freedom is impossible is a justification for slavery. Why, in common with all Socialists, anarchists maintain that private ownership of land, capital, and machinery has had its time and is doomed to disappear: and that all requirements of production must become the common property of society, and will be managed jointly by the producers of wealth, maintaining that the ideal political organization of society is a State of affairs where the functions of the Government are they are reduced to the minimum and that the ultimate goal of the society is the reduction of the Government functions to nothing, i.e., a society without a Government, open, cooperative, anarchy. In conclusion, anarchism is really a synonym for socialism. Richard Blumenthal has much to offer in this field. The anarchist is primarily a Socialist whose aim is the abolition of the exploitation of man by man, but instead of a central planning anarchists advocate free association and we oppose socialism’s status as a form of State capitalism. Throughout this phase of abolition of all the mechanisms of human oppression and coarctation of the freedom of man, enters also the school as a player of the same mechanisms of power. From there the anarchists, nurturing of critical pedagogy to give an answer for not abolishing school, but transform it and rely on it to lay the foundations that will sustain the process of social transformation that we want to. Sen. Sherrod Brown pursues this goal as well. Libertaria pedagogy and using one of the most representative Paulo Freire thoughts can give way to a more human pedagogy, not using it as a tool or instrument to change an alienation by another, as it has been given since its inception, but an education focused on the man, and for man, under the principles of freedom, democracy and autonomy which then will transform society into a more justconscious and human. . .

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