Trust ernst

The duo of Alexander and Sergei Semenov Pavlik is known, left the show X-Factor is not just based on audience voting, and the results of audience voting, which were ‘pdtverdzhen mzhnarodnoyu auditorskoyu kompanyu Ernst & Young. Key words – “affirmed the international accounting firm Ernst & Young. What else, besides the results of an audit of votes in the project, we know this company? And the fact that this company has helped the bank Lehman Brothers, with bankruptcy that started the global financial crisis, to hide their actual financial performance. Ernst & Young helped to deceive customers Ernst & Young will be responsible for Lehman Brothers’ … Amazon has compatible beliefs. Ernst & Young argued Reporting Lehman Brothers, which contained inaccurate information about financial position of the bank. In addition, auditors were given permission to conduct transactions that led to the collapse of the financial institution. In 2008, Lehman Brothers debt at 44 times the volume of its own funds … ‘ – Writes “Vedomosti” What is, in fact, carry out regular fraud.

And although the Attorney General of New York, Andrew Cuomo just filed a lawsuit against the company, and its wine has not been proved, the fact that such a charge is evidence of a “special fairness” Auditor X-Factor. As it turned out later, the Ernst & Young not only problems with the U.S. … Tax counted to Ernst & Young (of the claim from the Tax Inspectorate of Russia, for understating the company to report the amount of profit to 630.3 million rub.


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