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Emlia Viotti

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Emlia Viotti in its workmanship ' ' Of the Senzala the Colonia' ' , in them it takes the reflection of the punishments which the blacks suffered. Such punishments left stigmata for the body of the slaves, something that reached the public opinion. In the eves of the abolition, we notice the campaign of release of the blacks, shaking the public opinion; denouncing the horrors of the slavery, practical of tortures carried through for you of slaves and the proper priests whom they used of these artifices to discipline the slaves. However the crimes that always occurred in the interior of senzalas nor arrived at the public knowledge. The press in 1886 had great paper to take the real cases to shock the opinion of the people of the time. The new mentality that appeared if shocked with the old one, therefore in the traditional farmings the escravista system was used and the new urban generation much of the times disconnect of the agricultural interests, constituting a referring to abolitionism movement. The abolitionists had taken the chest the defense of the slave, the referring to abolitionism activity; the evolution of the opinion public gave to the captives biggest security to present the policy; showing its wounds and requesting protection. A revolutionary process appeared, that left of the revolt of the popular ones and if extending until senzala.

Emlia, is used of a contextualizao of the facts to lead to a bigger understanding of the events occurred in way to the abolition movement. We can notice impunity of the gentlemen and the administrators in the abuses committed against the slaves, therefore the legislation is during much inefficacious time in the defense of the slave, masa new social condition and psychological it established greaters conditions of security for the slave, conferring a renewal in the legislation; aiming at to implant an authenticity that during as much time I read it will lack. Ahead of the little effect of legal repression; they appealed you to other more drastic methods to restrain the revolts, keeping norms that did not make possible the escape and the union of slaves. While the farmers if surrounded of all the measures to hinder rebellion, the city councils legislated, searching to implant a control on the slaves and the owners of the slaves; thus such practical social hindered the escape of slaves, or groupings of blacks that future would result in revolts; such measures ' ' eliminava' ' the aggression. In the dawn of the analysis we notice that Emlia Viotti, leaves clearly in its context that a new mentality appeared in this period, a society that denies the evil treatments of the blacks, it keeps but them in the slavery.

Social Politics

Monday, February 26th, 2018

Politics is called the art to govern a people taking it the development. Ahead of this definition the politics would have to be come back to harmonize the society, to facilitate to the life of forgotten it system capitalist-that it has caused in such a way badly the people, giving they chance through: Of the education, health, housing. Human rights constant in the constitutions of the liberal countries inclusive in the Brazilian, unhappyly the ominous economic model divided the people in thing. This ' coisificao' it formulated the current division of classroom, and of this capitalist agreement, the social projects already are born ' abortado' ' of progressive ideas. Novelist is full of insight into the issues. Remained for the excluded embryonic projects whose the only purpose is to brighten up the problems to control the workers. Having as resulted of this alienator reality, ' ' favelizao' of the man he continues destroyed dreams and becoming it harder reality. Of this quarrel the paper of the social assistants enters in focus, that cannot leaves used as professional to be accomodated of masses, although its problematic origin in Brazil, years 30 in ' ' seio' ' of the capitalism with the purpose to accomodate a possible revolt of the workers. It fulfilled with its dirty paper and disloyal the causes working the socialism was not implanted and the inaquality advances and advances We need to remake the social history of rediscussed Brazil the priority, acquired knowledge the workers of its focus right, pressured the State so that the social one in fact is the great instrument of economic and social release of the Brazilian people..


Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Due to introduction of new technologies and managemental processes, the people need to adapt to these new chances and risks that the globalization offers in them. Amazon: the source for more info. is in these new chances that enterprising they search to create a great business. Many people if complain of the creativity lack, that never has good ideas, that they work very and they are not recognized, making comfortable themselves and accepting this fact as normal. The success entrepreneurs they are different: they are always behind new ideas of business and true chances of market, being intent to that it occurs in return of them. (DORNELAS, 2005, P. 58) a way of if tracing new ways in search of a business chance, are to base themselves on the market trends, that is, to look for to identify new chances in branches that tend to grow the economic scene in accordance with, with the analysis of the competition, to still identify to some lack in the market and/or in accordance with the necessities of the society. A segment in constant growth is the retail one, that he is one of the biggest employers of the country.

In this segment high number of negotiations happens, being distinguished deals retail in the cities of the interior. The economic stability brought by the last governments can be attributed to this growth and the inclusion of more devoid layers of the society, with the adoption of the politics of social benefits for the current government. Although in Brazil still if it pays the biggest real tax of interests of world, had expressive reduction in the tax of interests, making possible the growth of the consumption. 3 Another point of prominence is the search for the Brazilians of professional qualification, to take care of a requirement of the market, that each time more search to contract more able people. The performance of entities as the SEBRAE and the study of business-oriented Empreendedorismo and Plano in the half academic also is contributing so that the number of bankruptcies of new companies is each lesser time..

United States

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

At a recent presentation of a series of BMW M Coupe car was found the updated 1-Series coupe model 2012. Others including Amazon, offer their opinions as well. It has no new mechanical changes, but BMW draws attention to some subtle modifications of design and uluchshinuyu aerodynamics, plus new paint colors, upholstery and interior trim. New exterior design accents limited redesigned headlights, new style 17-inch alloy 18-inch wheels made of light metal and adding two new tints. BMW designers have also changed the dimensions of vertical sections of ventilation in the front bumper to direct air into the wheel arch and create what they describe as the 'air curtain' or aerodynamic shielding effect across the face of the front wheels. The Bavarian company claims that the change reduces the drag in this area.

Inside, the car-coupe buyers welcome new internal neat features, and upholstery. In addition, BMW has added a new sports leather steering wheel to the list of options. Other changes include a new label on the button DSC (dynamic stability control) in the panel instruments, DSC has been replaced by a new international symbol, while the lightweight remote control climate control in the center console now feature chrome bezel. In the U.S. car coupe will be offered with a choice of two transmission, 3.0-liter engine with 230HP torque, and a 3.0-liter turbocharged, providing 300 horsepower.

The car is equipped with a standard manual transmission or a 6-speed transmission with dual- 7-speed clutch. Car sedan, accelerates from 0-100 km per hour with a standard manual transmission 6-speed in 5.1 seconds. Automatic 6-speed Steptronic is optional. With this configuration Coupe car accelerates to 100 km per hour in 6.7 seconds. The updated car 1-Series Coupe goes on sale in the United States in spring 2012.