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Political Motivation

Saturday, April 14th, 2018

The period of training has as objective to propitiate conditions and chances so that, as trainees, let us can construct our professional autonomy in the educative field. Thus, we had one real experience in the education process and learning, by means of activities that make possible a direct contact with the field of professional performance, subsidizing our work in classroom, giving to us it chance to investigate the reality, with sights (reverse speed) the critical construction of the knowledge. It disciplines it of Geography is important for the formation of the pupil, for favoring its familiarization with the geographic questions, identifying the actions for which the man modifies the natural space and transforms it into geographic space. It fits to the professor to transform this importance of Geography into motivation pupils to study them, therefore, the mobilization of the thought is generated by the motivation, that is, for our desires and necessities, our interests and emotions. In this direction, we present, to follow, reflections on the work that we carry through in room, to start of the planning and the effort in transforming the contents of Geography into motivation to help the pupils to give one meaning to the studied concepts and geographic processes. Using of the content of in agreement population the program of the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school and of it disciplines, we place in the paper of the education of Geography, not to adjust the individual to the way where it lives, but yes, to instrumentalizar it to develop the critical sense, allowing to the linking of the concrete real life with the analyses and information learned in classroom and with this to interact with the society which belongs (CALLAI, 2001). Transforming basic and deepened contents into daily subjects, but without leaving to run away the theoretical, basic bases for the agreement of central focus of the quarrel. .

Nature Region

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

However, we perceive that the idealized objective of the creation of these projects did not fulfill in very with its purpose, therefore still we verify the invasion of actors in the private and public territories. Paulo Coelho helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Beyond the existing superexploration with regard to the territory and to the resources. This indicates the necessity of a net of efficient monitoring. Not obstante, the natural elements as air, the life and the water also become source of quarrels and impediments economic politicians and of the country with other powers. The mercantilizao of the air, directed toward the kidnapping of carbon, reduction of the emissions of gases that provoke the effect greenhouse allows investments in peripheral countries more cheap. While biodiversity approach of the market life is identified as primordial factor for the advance of the scientific border, approaching the biotechnology and still the incentive the regulation of this market pair in such a way to accomplish a net of protection of the region thus, to surpass the superexploration of the natural resources. Of same form, the market water looks for to aim at the adequate use of this element, therefore, the disordered consumption can provoke its scarcity, being in the white future of conflicts. In this perspective, one becomes important to point out that the exploration of the nature is necessary for the subsistence of the native population, indians and messengers.

Beyond, to supply the country products that assist the mercantilizao and favor the flow of capital of the country. However, what it provokes concern source is as the forest comes being explored, as it is being the occupation of the territory and thus, the integration of the region with other localities, emphasizing the new strategical paper of the borders politics. This allows in them to englobar social, social, economic factors, politicians, cultural and demographic differentiated in accordance with each place. Thus, the borders must exert a source of combat to the illegal activities and becoming necessary to reveal the nets techniques of security around the region, where this monitoring can guarantee the sustainable use of the forest beyond, prevent invaders that they desire if to appropriate of the territory (possessional), or that they act of illicit form in the same and contain the net of would biopirataria.

Valadares Governor

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Economic cycles and the consolidation of the territory of Governor Valadares Snia Queiroz Maria de Oliveira Carlos Alberto Days SUMMARY the Territory of Valadares Governor is fruit of a conditional multifrmica occupation the factors of mythical, economic and physicist-territorial order. The present study it has as objective to lead a reflection on the sprouting, transformations and consolidation of this territory. The bibliographical revision and the documentary study had been the used methods. The legal historical base of creation of the territory was instituted in result of the installation of 06 (six) military divisions to contain the lendria ferocity of the botocudos, endorsed for the Regal Letter of 1808, imperial legislative act. This had as liberal and strategical intention to contain clandestine explorations in relation to the production of ores and precious rocks, and, to hinder the route of escape and not the payment it treasury department. The first urban activities if had developed in the edges of the River Candy, where if it points out the quarter today Are Tarcisio. The process of industrialization of Valadares Governor is initiated with the creation of the plant of bathes and soap located in the called Street of Low, current Brazil Avenue. In the decade of 1940 the economic development is alavancado by the road mesh.

In the decade of 1960 the extrativistas activities give exhaustion signals, the crisis of the mica pronounces a fatal blow stops with the economy of the City and cattle of cut and milk it is changedded into more significant the economic activity. Still in this decade, ' ' boom econmico' ' if it makes gift in this territory with the creation of the PDLIM. The following decades will be only expression of the growth of the sector of services. In result, from the decade of 1970, not sustainable a economic cycle, emigratrio process, if develop in parallel to official the economic cycles.

Anne Buttiner

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Of this form, from the decades of 60, 70 and 80, especially from the development of ‘ ‘ Radical’ geography; ‘ , of marxist matrix, that adopts a refuting and critical positioning how much to the organization and production of the geographic space, that is, it is come back to the politician-ideological enrollment, in search of a igualitria society, considering transformations of the social reality. Geography was extremely come back toward the critical one of the capitalist relations of production, however it contributed very little for the thematic quarrel of the ambient one, revealing when it made very poor and limited (MENDONA, 2002). Second still Mendona (2002), is not possible to affirm that it has ‘ ‘ one total similarity between critical geography and geography ambiental’ ‘ ; thus, the ambient perspective seems not to have taken one so marcante feio to be considered as a new segment or a new chain of the geographic thought. The humanistic chain of the geographic thought has as base the works carried through for Yi-Fu Tuan, Anne Buttiner, Edward and Mercer and Powell, and possesss the existencial fenomenologia as the underlying philosophy, possessing older roots, in Kant and Hegel. See more detailed opinions by reading what Richard Blumenthal offers on the topic..

They study the aspects of the man that are more distinct human: significaes, values, goals and intentions (ENTRIKIN, 1976 in HISSES; OLIVEIRA, 1998). From the half of the decade of 1970, some gegrafos had started to together present concerns with problematic of the environment, denouncing the progressive desenvolvimentismo and defending with the ambientalistas movements, one politics more ecological human being and. In this context of concern with the problem of the environment Ecological Geography appears. Many gegrafos of the area of Physical Geography had passed of specific works of morphology, climate, hydrography etc, for research on the way environment, or had remained in its especificidades, however using the knowledge specialized in the studies on impact of the natural elements for the society (ANDRADE, 1987)..

The Development

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Beyond that plays a basic role in the urban landscape, because they inside constitute a space of the urban system where the ecological conditions if approach to the normal conditions of the nature. Although the innumerable functions of the green areas, its offer are very little in relation to the search. Today, for example, the green, the proximity of the nature, the lack of areas children to be played, make to appear to the creation of services as schools of languages, ballet, jud, gymnastics, shoppings, everything this to supply the necessities of the population in relation to the green areas. (Carlos, 2005, p.55). Old, the green areas were the center of the events politicians and the religious festividades, of civic and social acts. In the week ends, inhabitants of the urban zone directed it the squares, therefore he had there diversion, the leisure of other times and meeting, and this does not exist more with as much intensity, therefore the population grew and the areas destined to the leisure no.5. The relation between public politics and the areas verdesMesmo the green areas having much importance for the city and its population, forces second see the socioeconmicas them in plain, therefore what it is I publish as much does not have importance for the economy. Beyond that playing its role fully, the urban green areas need to have a good planning, that the planning of these areas never was only a point of much importance in the platform of the main politicians of our country, therefore they had always had in sight the development and the growth for one better economy, and as already we saw to the top, the partner-economic questions and the partner-ambient questions enter in confrontation, and there what he is on to the economy always has more emphasis, therefore a planning is necessary, therefore the development of country is important and the quality of life of the urban population also.