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The Bar

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

Finally, total exauridos, the friends had obtained to leave the bar, pulled for the sister of Raul, when it still met estatelado in the soil, after to take a kick in the face. (As opposed to Amazon). While he tried opened the purple eyes, Raul saw a countenance if to approach with a shining knife in the hand. He was at this moment that, congregating its forces, gave a great jump, crossing one glass window and falling in the sidewalk, next to the cacos that pierced it the combalido body still more. It fainted. It is not known how much time later, Raul wakes up in the room of wait of a police station. They were all there and its sister took care of of its wounds. Not wise person very well what she had happened.

She seems that, exactly unconscious, it she was repeating that was all good obtains and continued xingando the aggressors. Its colleagues also sufficiently were wounded, but nobody had been set free for the hospital. But the first socorros had been given, as cleanness of the worse wounds and removal of cacos of glass. It did not delay very so that the commission agent, infuriated for the extra work in full night of Christmas, very called to all for its room, demanding explanations and esbravejando. Finger in you laughed, at least lost time in hearing the details.

It decided to liberate all soon, therefore the room was with smells insuportvel! He found that somebody had stepped on in dog coconut, but the culprit did not pronounce itself? although all to have conferred its footwear. The guards had liberated first the owner of bar and the other men, so that they were soon even so. The room of the commission agent was in the third floor and them they wanted to prevent new confusion, if all were together in the elevator. After that, it was the time of Raul and its friends, who had left hasty while the commission agent borrifava a purificador of air in the environment. To the entrance of the elevator, Raul placed the hand in the pocket and took off the keys of the car, as if already he was ahead of the same. He finished cambaleando and only he did not fall in the soil because readily he was supported by its sister. However, the key fell and slid until the irrigation ditch of the elevator. All to the room had come back of the furious commission agent, to explain the occurrence and to request somebody that could stop the elevator and recoup the key in the deep one of the irrigation ditch. New quarrel of the commission agent, when evidencing that Raul intended to leave directing in that state and that at least he had driver’s license! But it decided to request somebody to provide the search of the key, since it did not aguentava plus as much confusion and that bad one I smell. Already it was morning when Raul arrives in house, completely exausto, after to leave the friends in its residences. Nor of the attention to the shouts of surprise of the aflita mother. It follows direct for the shower, leaving the clothes that went taking off for the way. Already it started to feel acute pains for the body, the analgesic effect of the drink went if undoing. But it could not leave to take a bath revigorante, after all it well wise person of where it came the bad one I smell that to all it had bothered: of that it had apanhado, it had blurred the pants.

Cancun Economy

Friday, June 29th, 2018

One might say Thanks to the measures, a little radical and not fully measure the economic impact, has prevented the spread of the virus, but you can also say that because of these same measures have been sent a double message to the world, namely Mexico does responds to the crisis, but nobody goes to Mexico and all Mexicans avoid contact. Totally understandable, since to be that alarmed and paralyzed the country can only mean one thing to the eyes of foreigners: something very serious is happening. For even more analysis, hear from Richard Blumenthal. In short: the folly in the management of information by the government has been their enemy but condemning himself. The feeling of many Mexicans is contrary to the perception of "widespread" of gravity and purulence of the virus. Questions remain in the air, in an atmosphere already polluted before which no masks to work: human influenza measures almost redeeming merits and he has made saving the government, or rather it came out shooting by butt to cause a widespread fear that becomes paralysis and the quarantining of Mexico in the international arena? Are they correct the ways information has been handled … perhaps the authorities have spread confusion and inadvertently created a large area of ambiguity that fascinates the media, it feeds its proven ability to misinform, confuse, deceive and mock the intellect of the people. Although it has avoided the tourist paralysis, as is the Federal Tourism Secretary Rodolfo Elizondo, saying "We are doing our best not to suspend any activity of an economic nature that could affect the country's economy, no suspension flight, anything that may cause paralysis or industrial business, or economic in the country, while this does not reach greater extremes, "in fact the atmosphere has other colors: several countries have suspended flights to Mexico, more travel agents important globally have canceled their activities in our country, and, last but not least, misinformation (Information overload disjointed, biased) and uncertainty (how long the alarm will be reactivated when health and economic activity) play against us.

Mexico is ready to resume all their economic activities, many activities that would not have been stopped. The tourism infrastructure, especially in the Mexican Caribbean, Cancun and the Riviera Maya (places where no cases of H1N1 have been detected) is in good condition to receive and deal with all the relevant sanitary measures, all visitors who usually . What the country needs is an information campaign intelligent and responsible, both internally and externally, to restore the confidence of foreign travelers and resume the activity of agencies and airlines. Mexico must remove a stigma that he created and oversized. Now we know that the virus is not as aggressive, nor in its representation or its spread, but that the economic consequences are.

Variable Renta

Friday, June 29th, 2018

If it is not thus, I invite to you to that you continue them reading so that you finish knowing them and you are convinced that they are a great option to invest. If you already know them, I am sure that you will agree with me in which they are an excellent alternative in order to improve your economy. The investment funds of variable rent, they are those bottoms in which you invest in speculative markets, that is to say activities as it buys and sale of action in stock market, raw materials, etc. The great advantage of these bottoms is that in many occasions they have a better yield than any other type of bottoms, sure, your inverted money runs always much more risk. For that reason always he is recommendable that when investing in these bottoms, you as investor you are arranged to wait for and you look for economic benefits in the long term, since these depend on the evolution of the stock markets.

And although there are diverse types of investment funds of variable rent, we can say generally that, is Bottoms for investors, as much deprived as institutional. So if you are one prepared person to assume risks and with patience of waiting for great benefits, the investment funds of variable rent are ideal for you. A. Verstegui hold.

Study Right

Friday, June 29th, 2018

Today, more and more highly qualified professionals are in demand. For this reason, the double degrees enjoy great prestige becoming a great advantage. Increasingly, races more demanded by the prospective students are the double degrees, because we are in a world that is very competitive, with highly qualified professionals and possess two university degrees becomes a great advantage. As a result, are increasingly universities that teach double degrees in their curricula, and more students who enroll in this type of study. One of the most sought-after double degrees is the right and ADE. This double degree was one of the first double degrees taught in Spain. The main objective of this dual degree is to get the student form and be able to play any position of responsibility, both private enterprise and the public company. Once finished the double degree, the student will have technical knowledge related to the world business and legal, allowing you to have great career opportunities, ranging from legal practice until the performance of any position in the public and private company. In, they will get more information about the double degree..

Go With Los Gallegos

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

First it was Rosa Diez which said something about Mariano Rajoy: Galician, is in the worst sense of the word. God was armed he is Christ and if it comes to appear then Basque politics by Santiago or La Coruna run it to gorrazos. Everyone was offended, without knowing exactly what is the pejorative meaning of the word in question. Now just specify the cordobes-catalan political Jose Montilla in criticizing the nationalists of Artur Mas: in the Cortes of Madrid you make Gallegos: don’t know if they go up or if they fall; wet little. Get more background information with materials from Connecticut Senator. We finished.

In this world of absolute certainties, Galician has the defect virtue, rather relativize everything, call into question the seemingly obvious, doubting by system if it is better to raise, lower or stay one where it is. By my gallaeci genes all without leaving even one, that meaning does not seems to me absolutely an insult, but the full recognition to Cartesian methodical doubt, tolerance and understanding of all points of view. Is there some quality better than that? Of course, to our understanding, tolerance and relativism an uppercase foible may appear to be politicians, accustomed to denigrate it, slander is and affronting each other constantly and boldly, them. Click Sen. Sherrod Brown to learn more. But already the writer Wenceslao Fernandez Florez recognized it ironically a century ago in his delicious Galician theory article: how we understand ourselves, poor things, in comparison with those politicians in Madrid so full of anthropological wisdom? That same false wisdom has been transmitted to meanings of Galician, them Yes, infamous, as in El Salvador, where is equivalent to stammer, or in Costa Rica, where means lack of reason or understanding person. But you see, that neither disturbs me. Our dictionary is full of infamy with regard to Gypsies, Jews, Arabs, Vizcaya, constituting only remnants of our tormented history. The only bad thing is that even idiots politicians who are still feeding them are today..

Social Networks

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

We are now implementing the use of Twitter, one of the social networks of greater concurrency globally. We have decided to give the same importance both Facebook and Twitter, so we invite you to follow us in Twitter and also follow all the promotions and contests that we have prepared for you. Twitter has become known as one of the social networks of greater penetration globally and is growing in a number a millionaire every day. Surely you know what I am talking about. Interaction and response on Twitter option is also very efficient as we succeed in having the communication you deserve. If you already have your account on Twitter follow us and find out all that we have prepared for you; in the same way you can send your flights to quote them, your complaints, suggestions and anything else that you want to share with us. Social networks have been increasing their impact within the users by easy usability that has and the prompt response with which is handled. Another benefit is that it’s free and you can communicate with people from anywhere worldwide no minimum cost. We have something prepared for you in thanks for your support: click here.

Political Communication

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

But after a couple of months of work in any motion I watch less open optimism. And after a while those who really want change for the better side, out of the ranks of organizations. The last example, in September this year, 15 activists came from Tambov "Young Guard" ER ", disillusioned with the movement's activities. What can cause destructive policy State's youth? First of all, confessing consumer lifestyle, growing generation of passive people who do not wish to create families that do not have plans for the future. The main purpose of their lives – is the satisfaction desires at any cost.

Such people can not build a strong state. Secondly, such a policy leads to the fact that young people do not receive the vector of development, can not themselves be realized. Third, the absenteeism and large apolitical some young people will foster a generation of slaves can only go as a herd of sheep behind the leader. Do we deserve, so we have a future? Every member of society is responsible for it. We sometimes sell their voice for a couple of hundred rubles, or a piece of asphalt in front of the entrance, at the same time do not even think about the consequences of their decisions. We are afraid to object to his superiors, drive us to the meeting or the polling station for the "party authorities. " You do not even think that tomorrow, thanks to her, may be unemployed due to another "reform", accompanied by mass layoffs.

The youth selected the future, hence the state was not be. And each of us must clearly understand what is more important: the momentary gain or welfare state. You have to compare. Without an ideological framework, raising the patriots, not consumers, without the development of principles collectivism, mutual aid and social justice can not be changed for the better. It would not criticize our past, but just then was that the core ideology, which was able to unite multi-ethnic country, to threats of destruction of statehood. We were able to conquer new peaks, in all directions, we were a superpower, but that now? Will we do it tomorrow, without the development of youth and without, which is now degraded. Amazon has similar goals. Alexandrov, head of the "Youth Activity", "Institute of Social and Political Communication."

National Education Constitution

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

This process must be supported in the dialogue and in alteridade, having as base the participation accomplishes of all the segments of the pertaining to school community, the respect the norms collectively constructed for the processes of taking of decisions and the guarantee of ample access to the information to the citizens of the school. By what it was studied in this surrounding room that we are locking up, the gamma of faced problems, as much in our school, as in the education net, permeiam related historical factors with the Brazilian school public, that had been unhappyly pautados in the authoritarian principles. The people who worked in this type of school, proprietors of them saw themselves. The professors were instructed not to stimulate communitarian participation, therefore, would threaten its pedagogical authority. Connecticut Senator will not settle for partial explanations. The controllers of the schools do not socialize the power, therefore, they had fear to lose it 4. However, the fight for the democratic principles persisted and the dictatorship was banished, being that in 1988, after much mobilization, Brazil gained the Constitution of 1988 5. This letter Great it makes a choice for a normative regimen and politician, plural and decentralized, in which if they cross new mechanisms of social participation with a cooperative institucional model, that extends the number of citizens politicians capable to take decisions. The education gains the inclusion of the beginning of the democratic management, for artigo206. To read more click here: Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Pertaining to school Aeducao if becomes public as function of the State and each individual must auto-govern as being endowed with freedom and to be capable to participate as conscientious and critical citizen of a society of free and equal people. The democratic management also appears in the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education, Law N. 9,394/96, in art. 3o., VIII, strengthening what it was rank in the Constitution. Mentioning the federative pact to it in the terms of the autonomy of the federated beings, art.

Unions Wanted

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

The President of the employer, Juan Rosell, ensures that this was the reason for the breakdown of negotiations. Unions deny it, and point to the CEOE proposed measures which accounted for a decline in decades. Discussions on the reform of collective bargaining broke down last Thursday. The CEOE ensures that the request of unions wishing to enter into small and medium-sized enterprises was one of the causes of the breakdown of collective bargaining and that the employer could not allow it. Official site: Ohio Senator. In an interview in EL PAIS, the President of the CEOE, Juan Rosell, affirms that the social partners were very close to an agreement the week after the elections, but that unions subsequently said they wanted to intervene in enterprises, including SMEs. We told them that under no circumstances, says Rosell, after adding that employers could not allow to unionize SMEs when in Spain isn’t compulsory to have Union representation in companies of less than 50 workers. Rosell adds that the trade unions could have been more ambitious in the negotiation and believes they were afraid that their bases not understood it.

However, the Secretaries General of UGT, Candido Mendez, and CCOO, Ignacio Fernandez Toxo, claim that blame for the rupture was employer by proposing measures that accounted for a decline in decades. (Similarly see: Amazon). Union leaders say that when the employer had committed itself to the validity of agreements do not exclude js of equipment and workers in enterprises of fewer than six employees, they presented another separate document. Toxo explains that the new text they insisted that agreements which expire were not renewed automatically and decayeran, and was a return to the more unbearable past. Mendez also criticized the document of the patronal CEIM Madrilena that demanded the creation of a single contract with indemnity of 20 days per year worked, although Rosell denies that these requests be made in collective bargaining and says that He spoke only of 43 types of different contracts that cannot be maintained. The President of the employer, recognizes that the dissemination of the document of CEIM had probably distorted many things and refuses to change the arguments to dndia the CEOE since the beginning. On the other hand, Toxo y Mendez considered that you reform that make the Government now does not imply the unions, while the leader of UGT requests not demagogy to say that it will lower unemployment, CCOO leader asserts that the reforms without agreement are not effective.

Foreigners Law

Monday, June 18th, 2018

As the lawyer for immigration law can ensure the best possible advice to his clients. You can make himself relevant address books or in phone books in the search after a lawyer for immigration law, or you can search on the Internet for such a. On the Internet the search is facilitated naturally, because you can search there specifically for a competent lawyer. There are many reasons for a client who has a problem in the area of immigration law and lives in or around Cologne around, contact a lawyer for foreigners law in Cologne. Sen. Sherrod Brown: the source for more info. This can be required, for example, if the client has a problem with the application for one of the many residence permits if the granting of a visa, a residence permit, a permit to settle, etc denying him by the competent foreign authority. All these are reasons to seek the assistance of a good, competent and assertive lawyer. Residence permits must already out of the country, so from a Non-EU country of residence apply. This can be for example a marriage visa, or an other short-term residence permits for family reunification.

More and more people from the EU or non-EU countries want to due to the currently good job situation enjoy working in Germany and need a residence permit which they must apply for abroad at the German Embassy in the non-EU. Here comes again the foreigners lawyer from Cologne in the game who can advise the client of his law firm in the area of immigration law, as well as the right of asylum and other related areas of law. If there are problems with the Embassy or with the immigration authorities, there are these lawyers who can advice the client tatkratig and assertive before the employees of the authority and help. There are the various reasons why the Embassy or the Immigration Office in Cologne can fail the residence permit the applicant. The suspicion of a fictitious marriage, lack of income can this or to the Example be insufficient knowledge of German. Here, the lawyer can help the foreigners well because he is familiar with the relevant regulations, such as for example the residence act very well. If a lawyer who know well as regards the conditions for the residence permit or the right of residence, he realizes the mistakes of the authorities often, if for example the granting or extension of the residence permit is denied.

Then, an application can be made exactly so that it is also promising and leads the client to his target. If he not EU citizens alone makes this application or has a scaned dung at the Embassy or the Immigration Office, the prospects of success are significantly lower than if done by a lawyer. As interested parties, it makes sense to early thus help to find an assertive lawyer for immigration law. A professional lawyer training specifically there for the immigration law. Here, a lawyer specializing in administrative law help instead, There is the immigration law part of administrative law and public law. Because the immigration law governs the legal relations between the State and the respective foreigner.