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The Professor

Saturday, November 24th, 2018

Any attitude for them taken, either to silence the fact, to ignore, to reprehend or to clarify, rees-echo in the vision of the child regarding the sexuality. The child, in special in the professor, observes the model of behavior in relation sexuality. The sexual orientation, becoming, to some professors an arduous work, therefore to say of delicate subjects and visas as close, if is constrangidos. They are felt unprepared, insufficient knowledge, many fragmented times and when trying to carry through the sexual orientation, they finish transmitting concepts, myths, taboos erroneous and even though preconceptions, that perpetuate throughout the years for a society conservative. Additional information at Amazon supports this article. In this direction it is basic that the educator takes conscience of that the manifestations of the infantile sexuality consist natural aspects of the human development. Pedagogo, a professional of the school, is of great relevance in the work of sexual orientation. With its formation, that allows it to understand the human development and the development of the sexuality, that is an integrant part of each individual, ally to the professor, to the pertaining to school community and the family, a reflexiva and efficient sexual orientation can be carried through, making possible that this child one day can well be an adult decided in its sexuality, free of traumas and frustaes. Nowadays, it is observed that the sexuality is argued more explicit has of it years behind and waits that this continues evolving in serious, respectful and responsible way, without trivialities of the thematic one or still, with fragmented and insufficient knowledge to deal with the effectiveness of the sexual orientation in the school and life in community. Therefore it is possible to affirm, that the more early the barriers will be won that hinder the sexual orientation in the pertaining to school institutions, more early will have the minimizao of problems as the sexual repression, the pregnancy in the adolescence, the sexual abuse, the problems of learning caused by distress sexual, the sexual preconception, the proliferation of sexually transmissible illnesses, as the AIDS.

Study Right

Friday, June 29th, 2018

Today, more and more highly qualified professionals are in demand. For this reason, the double degrees enjoy great prestige becoming a great advantage. Increasingly, races more demanded by the prospective students are the double degrees, because we are in a world that is very competitive, with highly qualified professionals and possess two university degrees becomes a great advantage. As a result, are increasingly universities that teach double degrees in their curricula, and more students who enroll in this type of study. One of the most sought-after double degrees is the right and ADE. This double degree was one of the first double degrees taught in Spain. The main objective of this dual degree is to get the student form and be able to play any position of responsibility, both private enterprise and the public company. Once finished the double degree, the student will have technical knowledge related to the world business and legal, allowing you to have great career opportunities, ranging from legal practice until the performance of any position in the public and private company. In, they will get more information about the double degree..

National Education Constitution

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

This process must be supported in the dialogue and in alteridade, having as base the participation accomplishes of all the segments of the pertaining to school community, the respect the norms collectively constructed for the processes of taking of decisions and the guarantee of ample access to the information to the citizens of the school. By what it was studied in this surrounding room that we are locking up, the gamma of faced problems, as much in our school, as in the education net, permeiam related historical factors with the Brazilian school public, that had been unhappyly pautados in the authoritarian principles. The people who worked in this type of school, proprietors of them saw themselves. The professors were instructed not to stimulate communitarian participation, therefore, would threaten its pedagogical authority. Connecticut Senator will not settle for partial explanations. The controllers of the schools do not socialize the power, therefore, they had fear to lose it 4. However, the fight for the democratic principles persisted and the dictatorship was banished, being that in 1988, after much mobilization, Brazil gained the Constitution of 1988 5. This letter Great it makes a choice for a normative regimen and politician, plural and decentralized, in which if they cross new mechanisms of social participation with a cooperative institucional model, that extends the number of citizens politicians capable to take decisions. The education gains the inclusion of the beginning of the democratic management, for artigo206. To read more click here: Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Pertaining to school Aeducao if becomes public as function of the State and each individual must auto-govern as being endowed with freedom and to be capable to participate as conscientious and critical citizen of a society of free and equal people. The democratic management also appears in the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education, Law N. 9,394/96, in art. 3o., VIII, strengthening what it was rank in the Constitution. Mentioning the federative pact to it in the terms of the autonomy of the federated beings, art.

History Specialized

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

So that this occurs, she is necessary that prepared schools that take care of these necessities, and professionals are constructed to work with az differences, as it affirms Hisses (2008, P. 25): ' ' Our constitution guarantees since 1988 the access of all to basic education being that, pupils with necessities special must preferential receive attendance specialized in the school, that does not substitute education regular' '. . In this fight against the differences, it has a problem or question that has made it difficult the inclusion. One is about the specialized institutions.

The author questions that ' ' She has (…) a resistance movement that tries to hinder the inclusion to walk: the corporative force of specialized institutions, mainly in mental deficiency. Additional information is available at Richard Blumenthal. Much people continue believing that optimum she is to exclude, to keep the children in schools special, that give to education adaptado' ' (IT HISSES, 2008, P. 25) Exactly with the lack of preparation of the majority of the professors, when passing of the years, we perceive the diffusion and the use of the language present Brazilian of signals in such a way in day-by-day of the professors in the schools, how much in the life of the parents of deaf pupils. Therefore 1Graduado in After-Graduate History of the Course Technician and Interpretation pounds the Integrated Facultieses Ipiranga felomenojr00@ the challenge faced for the educators is great not alone in relation to the pedagogical methods used and its effectiveness, but also in relation to it practises or experience of the professional and the physical conditions of the education institution that shelters pupils with diverse realities. As She hisses (2008) is a contradiction the proper professor to pass for this process of learning in living the emotions and facing some conflicts to define its pedagogical methodology. The professional also needs to be next to follow of close the universe them pupils in the learning process.

Institution Intentions

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

We could not leave to cite the history of a brave northeastern called PABLO Rglus Snows FREIRE that if considered to fulfill the same mission to some decades behind and took the same route of the Jesuits. It really is not newness for that they really know our history. To take initiatives of this transport is the same that to walk scaffold and to deliver to it decollation to it. It is to candidatar itself perpetual rejected it. It is to compromise its conditions of work and survival. Amazon has much experience in this field. It is to place the familiar stability at risk. E, finally to lose the last thing that remains a complete man: its honor, without speaking in the possibility of being taxed of insane person.

But a flame will remain lighted inside of the spirit of these leaders who we call of AUDACITY. When we cite the term CHARACTER I mention myself ahead to the spirit of responsibility of the moments of crisis and the pressures that the men force to give up its intentions. The cowardice is the food of the irresponsible ones. It is not enough that the man is imbudo only of the feeling of audacity to transform the world, therefore we have many and many examples of brothers who had been audacious and failed in its intentions, without speaking of the historical damages that they had left. To implant a IES – Institution of Superior Education in one region that presents a great potential of economic and social development is the same that to remake and to transform all inside the structure politics conservative with the formation of new leaderships of each community. Although the great effort of the team to take care of to all the legal requirements for creation of the FACIB, initiated through events aiming at the awareness and mobilization of the local community, we cannot deny that in the same way contrary forces worked to hinder the advance of the proposal.

Public Politics and Education

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

In this text, we look for to understand the concept of Continued Education and to reflect on the Public Politics directed the Education of Young and Adults in the Brasil.Para Haddad (2007, P. 1) ‘ ‘ (…) Continued Education is that one that if carries through throughout the life, continuously, is inherent to the development of the person human being and becomes related with the idea of construction of ser’ ‘. In this direction, the Continued Education is not restricted only to the professional perfectioning, but the union of the efforts for the guarantee of the access and the quality in all the education modalities, also in the EJA. In the psicopedaggica perspective, the human development is a constant. Paulo Coelho can aid you in your search for knowledge. The theory of the psicossocial development of Erik Erikson presents development phases that go since the birth until the senescncia. Such ideas, take in them to reflect on the Brazilian reality as for the Young Education of Adult, with its description of indifference and failures. We can observe that the education concept as a process continued that it occurs all during the vital cycle with emphasis in the learning, nor always it was present in the Brazilian public politics, and practical the pedagogical ones (HADDAD, 2007, p.11). According to Haddad (2007, P. Read additional details here: Amazon.

10), in the decade of 1990 the measures and the projects developed in the scope of the education had been come back specifically toward the children and adolescents. ‘ ‘ In this vision, the space of the education of adults in the scope of the educational politics was restricted, almost disappearing in some casos’ ‘. Although the National Plan of Educao (PNE) and the Law of Lines of direction and Bases (LDB) are instruments of the educational politics that establish lines of direction, objectives and goals for all the levels and modalities of education, them the children finish for prioritizing the attendance and adolescents, leaving breaches for the informality in the EJA.Portanto, are necessary to reflect regarding what the country and the pursuings on politicians the education understands for Continued Education. In fact it has one concern with the continuity of the human development as for the cognitivo knowledge? Or this right is restricted to a small parcel that has access the escolarizao, arriving at Superior Ensino.. Hear from experts in the field like Amazon for a more varied view.

Suvorov Potemkin

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

In 1765, the report of the general – lieutenant Melgunov established in the provincial city of Kremenchug office and the city of Novorossiysk province appointed gubernii.V this time in the city were built to house the governor, the provincial office, and other public places. Education for young people set up: urban school, college noble orphans, children and middle-class women, and in addition to these institutions, public pension french citizen Frosarom in 1778. (Guest this was under its own supervision of the former governor of language). In subsequently arranged arms factory and foundry. The nearest to the Russian border areas of Poland were several settlements, the population fled in different times and razkolnikami Old Believers, who royally granted had different benefits and the right to return to Russia and settle in new-found Novorossiysk province. Many of these immigrants settled in the city of Kremenchug and they prisoedinil others from Moldavia and Turkey. In 1780 and subsequent years saw the most famous generals of Kremenchug of that time: Rumyantsev and Suvorov Potemkin.

Potemkin had chosen for his residence and Kremenchug built himself a palace, gardens and the former roschu.Okolo 1782 in Kremenchug Novorossiysk province moved to Poltava, and in 1783 the Novorossiysk Territory was named Ekaterinoslav namesnichestva Kremenchug and attributed to him the county town. Shortly afterwards saw each other was the Kremenchug and joy and sorrow great military leader Suvorov. It was located body over which he was supposed to authorities in 1786. Court went well he'd fallen into a strong and dangerous nemilos Potemkina.God temporary worker in 1787 is remarkable for Kremenchug a visit to the Empress Catherine II. .

The French Government

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

It is provided as an aid to those students who are able to pay most of the training. Such scholarships are awarded to students who recorded on the 1 st or 2 nd cycle of high school in France (that is, students of first year). Ray Dalio helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Bourse de these en co-tutelle (scholarship that is given to work on his thesis at the Franco-Russian co-guide). It can get students to graduate writing a dissertation. Scientific work carried out in Russia and in France with supervision of two teachers (the Russian and French) for 3 years. Student during those three years thereafter, six months in Russia and half in France. Upon completion of the work, the fellow is given a double diploma.

Bourse de stages (stipend for an internship). The French Government offers 4 types of scholarships: academic, professional, educational and linguistic internship. We consider each of them. Teaching internships are short-lived, held for 1 or 3 months. They offer students who have a university education and graduate students. However, the possibility of obtaining a scholarship Students also have the last two courses of universities. Vocational courses occupy the same term (1-3 months).

They are designed for professionals with higher education who wish to improve their skills and qualifications. Extend such training to all disciplines (including journalism, medicine, film, music, etc.). Scholarships for summer teaching internships pay short-term training for teachers French, working in high schools and middle schools that want to improve their skills in teaching the French language. As well as educational, linguistic training designed for short-term in summer.

National System

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

According to the plan's oldest Biosphere Reserve is divided into two parts: 18.000 acres located in the Voronezh region and 13,000 in the Lipetsk region. Therefore, defending the land environmental services of the two regions. Ministry of Environment asked Russia on this issue in the Attorney General's Office, there to give a legal assessment to this document and the current governor of this part. In the Ministry of Natural Resources noted that the decision may cancel itself Governor. Or it may be withdrawn in the judicial order, or by himself in protest of the prosecutor's office.

Note that now all the reserves of Russia – it is Federal property, to dispose of it only the government can. At the slightest change in status will be affected at all nature reserves in Russia. Today, their 101. But even with such numbers, the map of Russia, they look like a small point … In Russia, had accumulated more than 2 billion tons of toxic waste in Friday on the official website of Rospotrebnadzor was released FTP 'National System of Chemical and Biological Safety of Russia "for 2009-2013. Main figure, voiced in the paper, it looks daunting: two billion tonnes of toxic waste accumulated in Russia at present. And, unfortunately, cost-effective technical solutions to recycling and disposal are not yet available. Hazardous waste treatment technologies are often based on method of thermal degradation, which is associated with the use of additional air pollution. Particular danger of environmental pollution are waste electroplating, as well as waste containing mercury and hlororganiku.

University Center Adventista

Friday, August 17th, 2012

With the action of these projects the pupils had had the chance to verbally develop the autonomy during the choices of books, expressing themselves, recounting the history of the book, appreciating the wealth of histories, using the imagination, the emotion and the fancy. They had been able also esteem the familiar approach of the literary universe, of significant and pleasant form, fortifying the affective bows and providing the agreement of essential questions for the present, as the respect to the next one, solidarity, responsibility, generosity, honesty, justice, perseverance, gentility, humildade, etc. it Is suggested the educators the work with the diverse literal sorts, making possible moments for the hour of the story, poem, poetry, parlendas, constraint-languages, you happened, playful twine prescriptions, literature, musics, theaters, games involving the reading, as: domin of words, gallows, lottery reading, bingo reading, games of passage or strategies. One in the ways to make to sprout in the child the desire to discover what it has in books is through the playful one, after all is moved by the pleasure. Bibliographical references BRAZIL. Ministry of the Education. Secretariat of the Basic Education: National Curricular parameters Portuguese Language 3 ed. Brasilia, 2001.

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