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Social Criminalisation And Political Crime

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

Social criminalization and Young political crime the Gallegos With the economic crisis, the landscape of the drought in the prey and the field, and basic, the year the 2012 of the Mayan prophecy and presidential electoral process sprout again-the bounce of influenza more human than pig, the war antinarcotics detective have been transformed into a televised saga, in the Red Mexico of the Red Note, by means of-a-annexation that comes to us with the fear, the fear and the horror, almost in the horror of an Apocalypse Now, to the Mexican, although still need. While and in as much or meanwhile, we are being sensitized very mediatically to understand that all social movement of protest is perhaps a terrorism act, that the attacks and crimes related to people who are against the policies of the government of the Republic, are crimes executed by sicarios of the drug trafficking. Something insinuated with the execution of Colosio in Hills Bullfighting with the solitary revolver Taurus of Aburto, because perhaps the narcotics detective, and nonSaline of Gortari. Speaking candidly novelist told us the story. A The Lopez Obrador, did not assassinate it they fraudearon but it electoral, and from before the fraud, they disqualified with the one of the Tropical Mesas and the Messianism to the Chvez in its aspirations of competing leader to all official and institutional leadership of the Mexican political system. The salinistas crimes against militant PRD members, the Water massacres Blancas and Acteal, the repression in Atenco and Oaxaca as social criminalization and the political crime has been a constant in the last four presidential presidential terms of the PRI members and the panistas, without descontextualizar them of the rise of the EZLN, in 1994. The political dissidence and divergences in a state of things with the desmadrado state of things in the Mexican State, have been described and stigmatised like rebellious , subversive , dangerous, and, terrorist, is of the simple protest to the complex multitude of protests, stretching itself or being contained in always the social censure that the means of information and communication judge and they apply of partial way and until totalitarian, using the mediatic invisibilizacin.

Constitutional Court

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

10 In the relevant thing to the requirements of procedural character, these is going to affect to the subjects of the tie process by the substantial relation legal, that must have capacity to be material and procedural part, to contain the denominated conditions of the action, as well as unit and indivisibilidad; as far as the judge, this one must recognize the actions that correspond to each litisconsorte, and must procure the absence of reasons for abstention and rejection. Therefore, litisconsorcio in three cases will exist: a) When in a process are several people like demanded prosecutors or; b) When third parties concur to the process that meet the indicated requirements; c) When accumulation of processes with different parts exists and exists community of pretensions between some of them. 11 Litisconsorte and third parties For Escriche, mentioned by FLOREZ POLE, " litisconsorte is the one that litigates by the same cause or interest that another one, comprising with him a single or of actor. 12 Paralelamente, the Argentine doctrine illustrates to us of the hand of PEYRANO- that litisconsortes are parts, in strict sense, of the procedural legal relation, unlike the third party, that (.) it is nonnecessary the possible procedural subject for the benefit of the jurisdictional activity that, without being part, has " chance" to participate in a pending procedural relation in measurement of the legal interest that shows and through institute technically denominated intervention. 13 In a litisconsorcial process because appears so many pretensions or oppositions as subject litisconsortes. 14 This set of people integrated in a same position constitutes a unique procedural part, although complex, the main effect of litisconsorcio consists of which all the pretensions are discussed in a same process and they are solved in a sentence. Nevertheless, if a malignant tumor existed during the process and it is not fulfilled, in conformity causing defenselessness to one of the parts; on the matter, the Constitutional Court considers that the purpose of the invalidities is to assure the constitutional guarantee the defense of the judgment. .

The Castro

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

There also there are elections but in these candidates only can participate who do not call to subvert the monopoly of the power of the official party. For the castrismo this is a socialist democracy. This, although the majority of the democracies multi-those in favor and a part of the orthodox Socialists questions its credentials. Sen. Sherrod Brown may also support this cause. For the first Cuba it has an autocracy because the population does not have right to vote by different parties that offer different programs or plans from government and the regime persecutes its opponents. For the seconds the revolution comes backing down towards the market and creating a new oligarchy that is increasing the inequalities, reason why these propose to desburocratizar and to internationalize the process. In Cuba the president has been decided in meetings of leaders of the Party and it has been authenticated in a National Assembly. This mechanism differs from the rest of American republics where the president is chosen by means of massive elections under universal and secret suffrage. Also he is not just like the one that Lenin proposed in the state and the revolution where it raised that the State would have to go away dissolving and that the leaders would have to be elect and revocable in basic assemblies. The Castro ones, nevertheless, defend their model arguing that in the rest of the hemisphere the Chiefs of State are hereditary monarchs or presidents who obey to dictatorship of the money ; that his leader has always had (during its 49 years in the power) great popular endorsement (that many democratic governors do not have ); that the place where human rights in their island are violated more is in Guantnamo where they accuse the USA to torture his prisoners; and that is required of certain monolitismo to avoid that the USA and his worms return to be from their island brothel of America.

City Planning

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Parking – this is a big headache most of the large and growing cities. A related site: Ray Dalio mentions similar findings. Every now and then the drivers get their fines for parking in the wrong place, or on the lawn. The owners of vehicles still trying to cram their cars then one place, then another – passing places in the yards along the road are saints – are never empty for long. Put one wheel on the lawn, and another left on the road – sort of like a machine and not on the lawn (I can not fine), and do not like to the road (who should, he will travel as a side by side) – that are driving tricks, and every day dozens of times, we can observe, and even themselves to become parties to patrols cars with each other, accompanied, as expected, the mention of all the archangels and not very much. Moreover, these caretakers, ever drives the car our of our own house (well, any debris will remain with us until the spring – also can be understood). City officials promise to us construction of new parking lots and parking lots, but where they build, if the places that might have been something to build up already so built up with something? In any more or less developed city with a parking problem is very acute.

Therefore, when developers Construction of new homes and neighborhoods, or in restructuring the former immediately integrated approach to this issue, trying to solve a difficult problem and playgrounds provide children with future settlers and parking spaces provide. To this end, the builders are trying to provide the widest vnutridvorovye passages. But, again, to avoid loading yard parking for local residents imposed for vnutridvorovye area: it is often space under the parking lot drained to the end of the houses and the houses, but also provides a place for nearby garages and paid public parking, secured its protection. It is hoped that the new concept of built-up will allow us to observe less unpleasant picture of chaotic parking.

Economic Development

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Further numerous attempts were also not effective. Perhaps check out Richard Blumenthal for more information. Strange all the same ratio of bureaucrats to their work and priorities of the country and society, is not it? Although our program and is independent of government agencies, we as citizens and patriots of Russia from all stages of development of the Programme senp informed the President of Russia. But all our requests were forwarded to the Ministry of Economic Development, for future reference, we get the correct letter that the information was accepted In general, the relationship with the government can be likened to a "black hole" everything comes back and remains without a proper reply (formal letters do not count). Approximately the same situation formed with community organizations such as "Support of Russia" or "Business Russia". Only this is the specific black hole, no answers at all.

Yet the necessary work had been done and we are showing remarkable patience, honest conveyed to all state and social structures of impending global change. Therefore, with a clear conscience since 2008, we launched a process of public discussion of the new All-Russian economic program senp. Of course, we have attempted to contact all national newspapers and television stations and bringing them to public debate. But, alas, is so hot topic, even with the economic crisis, they were not interested. We have the a feeling that the invisible hand does not give permission to publish our content in mainstream media (although we may be wrong). Nevertheless, the process of public discussion is still on our website.