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Monday, November 14th, 2022

Looking good-natured cartoon about an elephant named Horton was very pleased with this adaptation of stories by American writer Theodore Gayzelya. Like all good thing that has not forgotten how to shoot it for animation children, for our young children. Adult fans of cartoons are unlikely to find in the movie 'Horton', something that is interesting, as in the Ice Age or Shrek, as Horton shot for children. Cartoon really a wonderful ear, and once he heard of the passing by on a piece of fluff to vote. Nobody did not understand him because they do not hear what he had heard our bishop. She lived in the forest is also very arrogant and bad kangaroo, which decided to get rid of the imaginary Horton beings. A vote really were, and was the life and inhabitants of the city on a piece of fluff did not even know the place in which they live. Horton tries to save people, and destroy the kangaroo, because they do not believe in the existence of such little life, but because every life has a right to exist, even the smallest.

As a result, everything falls into place, the voices they hear other animals, kangaroo recognizes his mistake and all ends well. More like in the cartoon is that the voice-over says in verse, but he reminds some of our Soviet cartoons. The result is simple cartoon for an audience of children, without adult jokes and obscure jokes, good and kind, recommended for viewing the smallest. Assessment of the animated film 'Horton' 7 out of 10.

Divine Love

Sunday, November 6th, 2022

Agapit Bezmezdny doctor – the first Doctor of Kievan Rus, a monk of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. For a thousand years to its relics, considered miraculous by the people, do not stop flow of people, not only the Orthodox, but also representatives other faiths and even those who consider themselves atheist. What is the secret of this wonderful saint impact on people? What is the strength Agapito Cave? Revered personality Agapito Cave is surrounded with great mystery. About him extraordinary spiritual power of an amazing week of February 25 and the manifestation of the unique properties of the relics of Agapito Cave told in Volume II of the book, "Sensei," a popular writer of modern New Anastasia. Let's make a short tour of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Thanks to information gleaned from the book New Anastasia begin to understand what had previously not noticed. The main gate of the Upper Holy Monastery. Above them is the oldest preserved, the majestic church of the Holy Trinity (also called Troitskaya Church).

It was built in XII century. Rev. Nicola Svyatosha, the grandson of Yaroslav the Wise, who became the first Russian prince, to become a monk. After passing this gate, like a tunnel of its own consciousness, you go out to bright light, like a completely different worldview. Middle of the central area of the Upper Lavra is the main temple Kiev-Pechersk Lavra – the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. In the 4th volume of "Sensei" New Anastasia says that in Russia most of all is to build churches in her honor, which indicates the preservation of indigenous knowledge in the Slavic tradition. If you look at the map of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, you can see how many churches dedicated to Our Lady. Passing through the gate and turn right, you can get into a quiet courtyard. Its cathedral is bordered by the former cells of the elders, The Great Lavra Bell Tower and the old house regent Laura XVIII-XIX centuries.

Alexei Fedorovich Losev

Monday, March 5th, 2018

In this poem, filled with images of extraordinary depth and emotional power, forcing a deep empathy, even to the depths shudder of the heart, with a sense of awe … It begins: "Seligersky waves wash / The village was built the bridge. / Tver under the wooded canopy / Here is a lonely churchyard. / / Domes for churches not Zolochiv. / Wall painting laconically simple. Under most conditions Amazon would agree.

/ Faces wise Saints are concerned, / And not in gold royal gates. " In lines succinctly highlights holy simplicity and purity of the images are clear, transparent, and at the same time, deeply metaphorical. AND striking on the philosophical and lyrical depth and understanding of the collective national psyche, couplet: "There is something in the simplicity of this sad. / Something in my heart aches not casual. / And the prayer of the native Russian / magnify here beauty. " These lines – the quintessence of Russian, Slavic worldview, in which the archetypal essence of the merger of religious truth and beauty, tranquility and righteousness, nostalgia and religious fullness of life and happiness. In Orthodox Cathedral, with its simplicity and depth of mystical icons, warming the candle, easy and cozy, warm and relaxed … On the Orthodox icon and the special structure of the Orthodox churches are well written Evgeny Troubetzkoy, warms the soul of "warmth" of the Orthodox candles remarkably wrote Alexei Fedorovich Losev … Then the poet writes: "There are no votes Regent slim / sings in the choir chorus / Otpevaya neighbor deceased / Previous road to the cemetery forest.

North America

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

At the water's great groups planted rhododendrons. Garden – the brainchild of Henry Hoare, who for 30 years worked on him, making a beautiful example of landscape architecture. Since then, it has since the mid 18 th century, a collection of garden replenished a significant number of new species. UK residents are proud of many more parks, not like one another, but have one common quality – natural and harmonious, borrowed from Nature. Period of 18 and early 19 th century called the era of England. " During this period, the British spread its influence in North America, Australia and East. At the same time rooted English landscape garden on Indian soil.

Lawn border of flowering annuals, free planting trees, shrubs and climbing plants in parks and gardens, paved serpentine tracks – all this was a contribution to the British landscape architecture in India. Green lawn, compacted and trimmed with special machines, gives freshness parks and gardens, even in the hot days of summer. Here there are fragrant trees, shrubs, climbers and bulbous plants. Phlox, verbena, delphinium, nasturtium, dahlias, cornflower, carnation, pansy, Nigella, aster, snapdragons and many other plants were brought to India by the British. If before the Indians were of the symmetrical layout of gardens, now under the influence of ideas of Brown and Repton, India won the right to permit a style of landscape – landscape architecture. In the early 19 th century in India was created by the Society of horticulture and agriculture. In 1872 the Society organized a own garden, which occupies only 25 acres, but is considered one of the best in India for its landscape architecture.

Fire Shield

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Vodka, however, not so long ago served in the Army. A handkerchief soaked with water from a pitcher, he pitched a mask and went on the offensive. Tearing off the wall fire extinguisher, the director directed the stream into the thick of penolavy guardians of law and order. The fire extinguisher did not work, it was past their service life, and vodka in the hearts of threw it out the window. Policemen stampeded in all directions. And on time! Hit the pavement animated balloon. Based on foam, it rapidly spun like a top, and then flushed. This put the attackers in a dilemma: to put out the fire extinguisher, so that did not explode, or the battering ram to beat out the door until the extremists are not thrown out anything else.

Vodka is just thinking that throw. He felt that he and Alexander Matrosov Stirlitz simultaneously. Alcohol defended his actions by tear gas masks of reliable tissue, while the head to avoid the bullets, he pulled his bucket Fire Shield. He laughed, swore and sang the "Internationale." Law enforcement officials have suggested that a bully – a madman. Dangerous madman, and therefore, as though it sickened them or have to open fire. What are they and notified the vodka, and that his sudden, after all, was sobering.

My mother-woman! – And that he said to himself, surveying the battlefield. -All the guys, I give up! – He promised then. – Walk, and awakening! He clearly knew that the guys will themselves off for the horrors and losses.